Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As an instructor, it's very important to encourage and acknowledge member's hard work ( during and after the class ). Sometimes i really want to communicate with them more. But due to my limited or rather powderful England, i normally end the class with the same line :

"Good job and thank you everyone. Hope you enjoyed the class. See you again next time."

It's like a routine for me already to say those lines by the end of EVERY class. I think some of my regulars also expecting that every time.

Say you are a member lah, besides the above lines, what else would you like to hear from the instructor? So that i don't have to use the same line over and over again.
( but try to make it short and easy to remember ya ;p )



  1. yeah, everyone's sexy today, i had great fun dancing together just now.. make sure i see you next time!!

  2. 下次我们后会有期,有时要搞笑的。

  3. "That's a wrap. Don't forget to renew your membership." :P

  4. I always end with the same line too...

    (music ends.. clap clap clap)
    Awesome.. good job... Thank you team.. My name is Eric and thanks for the support! Hope to see you guys again next week! If you have any question, see us (cos im not alone) after class..

    I have only done one solo class so far :p

  5. So Now you think you can dance....?

  6. sk .. terkejut i when i read ur comment.. then only i realized.. its ur suggestion..:)

    single .. i just worried what if they dun got my humor.. lagi malu la ;p

    william .. huh? 1st line not bad la.. 2nd line a bit hardsell horr? ;p

  7. eric .. wah u really say so much at the end of the class? i normally introduce myself at the beginning.. and end ( if i see some potential 1st timer ) ;p

    ed .. ohh that one i always say during the class. just to push them more :)

  8. Thanks for joining and you all are hot!!! Nuclear HOT!!!
    I love you all and see you again next time.

  9. ky .. wow.. so thats what ur HOPING to hear when u join a class la? HOTnyerr..;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)