Monday, July 26, 2010


Do i look like someone who knows lots of things? Mr Serba Tahu maybe? Cos not sure why, but lots of people came to me and ask things that i dunno how to answer.

One middle aged woman came to me in the studio before i start my dance class ( note : DANCE CLASS ) and asked me about a lot of things, almost everything EXCEPT dancing. Which type of YOGA is better for stretching and flexibility? Which YOGA is for beginner. What's the difference between YOGA and body balance? How many different type of YOGA classes we have in the gym? Honestly i really dunno what she asked, as i myself dun do yoga. So i just told her that i'm not sure, and direct her to the front desk.

Funny rite?
The Yoga studio is just right at the other corner, and she came to me.
Is it her problem? Or i should do my homework for all other classes so that i know how to handle those questions in the future?


  1. People expect you to know la. Coz for us (outsiders), instructors know all about dancing/yoga/bodyjam/bodycombat one ma.... Okla, maybe stupid people like me and her.

  2. She could be hitting on you...or maybe she still trying to hit on

  3. errr, did you ask her whether she's in the right class?? yoga class is next door auntie~~

  4. 有话直说, 长话短说。

  5. Maybe is time you start teaching yoga. hehehe

  6. freedom .. maybe i should let her know that NOT all instructor are as smart as they thought...;p

    william .. tidak sama sekali !

    AD .. no la.. cos i think that might be the 1st time we met..

  7. sk .. i did i did.. but u know auntie la.. they dun really care what u say one.. they just want to ask ..

    single .. u mean my waistline issit? ;p

    nana .. err. i prefer to stick with things that i know and i love lo... :)

  8. what she wants is not the answer, is u.....wakakaka


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