Wednesday, July 21, 2010


was having a massive diarrhea since Monday midnight.
am still on recovery.
not 100% up yet.
this week is a very hectic week for me.
2 theme classes and the event this Saturday.
hope that everything will be fine...

but on the positive side, i am now 2kg lighter. LOL

p/s : when was the last time u shitted in ur pants? ;p


  1. poh chai pills work wonders for me. :D

  2. primary 1!!! i shitted in the classroom, until all the sai also flown out from the chair~~ wah, very disgusting ah..

  3. Shitted every morning! U can listen to them if u want.. Free recording.. Lol~

  4. 好心你,别再那么拼命!

  5. LOL, the last time i pangsai in my pants when i was 8...

  6. bong .. i onli took ultracarbon wor.. cos poh chai pills looks a bit 'kiddy' to me.. i mean to eat whole bottle of small small ;p

    sk .. i can really imagine that... luckily i dun think i have anything like that in my school days :)

    ian .. not the natural one la.. i mean ACCIDENTALLY one ..;p

  7. single .. no la.. its just everything fell in the same week... no choice lo..

    eric .. while i was at home la.. when the diarrhea started ...;(

    kokhua .. and did your friends gave u any names after that incident? ;p

  8. Keep yourself hydrated ohh...

  9. pitiful....haha... dun shit during ur class lo....XD

  10. Hope u r getting well now.

  11. Danny,

    dont let it drag long. Better go see doc. at mean while, banana one of good to cure diarrhea ( at least work for me)

  12. william .. drank bottles of 100plus for that few days.. :)

    keo .. really hard trying to hold it la.. especially when u know they already arrived at the custom ;p

    nana .. i will n i did.. thanks :)

  13. pikey .. i am.. now can laser ppl ;p

    nas .. i dun really have the time to see doctor oso.. just went to pharmacy to buy carbon..:)


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