Monday, July 12, 2010

light on Saturdays ...

I am currently obsessed with a new thing, something i redeemed using my credit cards reward points ~ the digital weighting machine. LOL ( so lame right? )

I stepped on the machine whenever i am free ( sometimes more than 5 times a day ), when i wake up, before lunch, after class, before bed, etc. Since i weight myself so often, i kinda know when is the lightest or heaviest day of my body, and it's SATURDAY! ;)

Why? Cos i got 2 classes on Saturdays, and the timing are really odd. So odd that i have no chance to have breakfast or lunch cos need to rush from one gym to another. And also i don't really like to eat before the class. And when i reached home around 5pm ( with nothing in me since morning ), i can't wait to weight myself. And it normally won't disappoint me, to get the ideal weight that i always wanted. Although it's only for one day. ;p

So thats' why i love Saturday so much. Cos it's the day where my wish comes true. :)

Do you know when is the lightest day/ moment for yourself?

p/s : Saturdays used to be my lightest day as well ( maybe 10 years back ). Cos i will eat extremely light during daytime, so that i'll look good when i hit the club at night. LOL.. Those were the days...;p


  1. i've never dare to weigh myself for a long time, because the word "light" can never be applied on me, no words other than "fat heavy"~~

  2. haiz sama sama as SK, but happy that i've lost 1/2kg in 2 weeks. More to go so I can be as happy as you on Saturdays ;)

  3. You're very the lame!!!! =.=
    but every week u will get ur dream come true, the feeling not bad huh..lolz

  4. Lightest after you poop in the morning? :P

  5. wah... interesting finding!

    can publish a book dy! write an article and submit to some scientific journal! :P

  6. sk .. dun say like that.. never under estimate urself.. all u need is a bit of work.. m sure u'll get what u wanted :)

    ant .. u oso in a diet program huh? gd luck achieving ur target weight :)

    keo .. yup.. it feels great.. always looking forward for saturday.. :))

  7. william .. that too... but oso depends on how 'productive' that ;p

    bong .. huh? u think got ppl want to read meh? btw i wanna ask u.. why after wake up will get lighter geh?

  8. Danny : 赚钱也要注意健康,别患上胃病就麻烦!

  9. the lightest day: assignment fever
    coz aint no time to cook :S

  10. single .. dun worry.. its very likely that i missed my meal.. cos i cannot tahan hungry ;p

    anthony .. err.. nvr happened to me b4 la.. cos i do assignment quite fast one.. lol ;p

  11. Danny,

    my lightest weight is in the morning......also got shape2 one. Tapi after that....tutup mata la when i scale...... kekekekeke

  12. nasrul .. at least u can start ur day.. happily :)

  13. Never like this thing. I have one and I only step on it once in a year perhaps. Lightest moment probably the moment I was born kua, coz I never slim after that.

  14. ky .. never slim after born? such a humble diva... thats how u got the friendliest diva title issit? ;p


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