Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say my name, say my name.

Finally received my 1st cheque ( yeah, waiting for the 2nd one as well ;p ) from winning the FlyFM's contest few months back. ( Yay! ) But when i look at it closely, DAMN! there's error on my name. Personally i think it was an unacceptable error lor.. I mean guys, do you know how to pronounce the word

" FHIAU "?
( Piau? Fiao? or HIAO!!?? )

I'll have to call them tomorrow to reissue the cheque. Hopefully it won't happen to my 2nd cheque. ;p

Oh by the way, my name on my instructor card also got error. And that name made me looked like Indonesian-Chinese or some Latino. LOL.

I always wonder, is it so hard to get my name correctly? Or it's just as UNFRIENDLY as the owner? LOL ;p

So do you have a 'FRIENDLY' name?

p/s : posted a 'cute' song for you to start a new week. :)


  1. FHIAU = fucking hiau LOL mean super hiao lor hehe we learned a new laser word today

  2. what a funny song ~ thanks for sharing your experience & song. Remember, your name isn't unfriendly but instead with Unique :) think on the other way, you will feel better :P

  3. fab ... then i prefer FVOGUE ( fuok ) lo.. but oso sounded semacam .. lol..
    btw.. fab ( short for fable? )

    william .. ya lo ya lo.. i own the company.. u want money? hahaha ;p

    duncan .. dun get me wrong.. i know my name is unique.. but when you put the words together.. a bit..errrr... ;p

  4. hahaha...i think i'm kinda used of people getting my name spelled and even pronounce wrong too..
    luckily your name there was the "F" or else you're really gonna be "HIAU"..LOL

  5. I AGREED la. FHIAU.. fucking hiao.

    so u danny :P so u :P


  6. AD .. i will be surprise of a non chinese pronounce my name correctly and smoothly for the 1st time :)

    eric .. again.. i prefer to be FVOGUE .. thats more ;p

  7. Oh so you are Hwang DBS son...

  8. hahaaha...i got experience b4...but mine is ppl call me diffrent name...i blog abt it too

  9. tz .. yeah y? want to invest something? lol ;p

    paul .. i know.. err.. JAMES...hahaha ;p

  10. hummmmmmm

    i also face same thing..... they always mentioned wrong name.....and dont forget mentioned my first name ad my surname......

    btw..... that hundred tu, once dapat cash kan...kasi la sikit to we all.....your the great fvogue.....*wink* *wink*

  11. hwana means... orang melayu wor... :P

  12. nasrul .. now hv to wait for them to reissue the cheque la.. once its cashed.. i dun think i will remember any of ;p

    bong .. u hokkien meh? tot u r hakka? lol ;p


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