Thursday, July 8, 2010

rated U

I was compiling some songs for my client last night. And it's for a fashion show. Easy right? Just get some upbeat vogue and cat-walky tunes. But the thing is, the guest of honor of the night would be our DPM. So everything has to be polite, friendly, or in another word - FORMAL & CORPORATE ( a.k.a. BORING )

How lah to get vogue when there's so many restriction kan? Now Lady Gaga is definitely out of the picture. Same thing goes to Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kesha, Rihanna, etc. All those RnB songs with lot of cursing, drinking, love-making rap lyrics also out! Too sexy and partyish also out! Too noisy also out! Anything politic or religion related lyrics also out!

Please help me. I need to compile and remix the songs by this weekend. Cos i need to present the song lists for their Chairman's approval by next week. Do you have any songs in mind that are vogue ( suitable for catwalk ) but still presentable to everyone, especially The ONE?

Since i am the director of the fashion show, do you think that it's ok for me to surprise them. By asking the models to do slutty pose at the finale? It's not in the guidelines anyway. LOL ;p

p/s : the song that i posted also cannot use.. cos it's kinda sexist. ( SIEN )


  1. use the songs from the les mills classes lor. :P

  2. bong .. cannot la.. those got copyright one.. i attended the course b4.. if kena tangkap, i 罪加一等 lerr..;p

    william .. can u imagine the models parading with the Satu MAlaysia song as background.. so the MISMATCH kan? ;p

  3. Hero - Mariah Carey.
    I'm Alive - Celine Dion

  4. shin .. i thought of Celine Dion's same song as well.. u got taste ;p

  5. huh? if you didnt put gaga song in... then totally not vogue anymore liao wo...

  6. l .. m sure there's other non-gaga vogue songs la.. but just need time to find..


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