Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fake it !

You know when we were performing on stage, we have to put on our biggest smile. And most of the time we have to fake it, cos busy remembering the choreos and the chaos at the backstage. Bet most of the audience thought that we really dance and 'smile' at the same time. Well, that is on stage.

But when it comes to real life ( work life ), it seems that i can't control the ability to fake my smile. I was in a meeting with my client the other day, few of them. When the bigger boss started to share his story on the table, the rest of his staffs seems quite enjoying it. The smiled and laughed a few times, but i didn't. Cos i really can't find anything funny in the stories. I tried to squeeze a bit of smile, doing my best to let him know that i am listening.

I always tell the members to breath through their mouth, to create the smiling face. But it's so weird if i do it in front of them. I can have thousand and one facial expression whenever i am on stage, but i can't even fake a smile when i am really needed one. Sigh.;(

Are you a professional 'faker'?
I am talking about faking the smile ... other 'fakes' we talk next time ;p

sien ...


  1. it's hard for me also if i'm wif those am not close.. i also feel those smile very fake la..
    but i hav a fren who is "social butterfly", she really good in tis..
    mayb i get some tips from her n get back to u later.. wahahha =D

  2. My lips always in smiling pose. Very hard to fake i'm sad........

  3. 以前当我们站在台上,就当是出卖自尊。

    当主持宴会的时候,被人写字条说我们讲太多, 就看着字条念出别的话,为了找吃, 唯有赔笑。


  4. I can even do a little fake laugh. :P

  5. hahahaa.. i have problems faking my smile on stage too but I guess i have come very far from a serious face to one thats smile from beginning to end of the track is the same...

  6. i very serious wan... :P

  7. well,it its my boss and if he thinks what's his saying was funny,i have to get along and fake it,anyway he is my boss!LOL

  8. erm...i guess im not good on that...even on d stage...but will try to fake it in front of camera...lolz

  9. Rather interesting post. In retrospect, I tend to smile regardless of the situation, it's just a part of my personality but even if I find myself uninspired or entertained by someone, I still do it out of respect-- it's not fake but a courteous gesture; at least that's how I view it.


  10. It's very tough for me to fake a smile cos most of the time, the emo is very explicitly written all over my face, lols

  11. eunise .. thats yi always envy those who have good pR skill.. they can really control they expressions...

    nana .. then i think i am the totally opposite from you... cos i look damn fierce when i have no expression

    single .. me too me too.. i once got a member told me that i shld talk less in the class... but luckily other members disagree :)

  12. wenn .. i can lah.. but it will look really FAKE lo..btw, welcome :))

    william ... u must have a lot of frens then.. cos that is really important when there's dead air or something...

    eric .. normally i am ok when i do class.. and normally they are genuine.. not fake one...

  13. bong .. u have to la.. especially when u r on duty.. who wants a doctor who looks like that? ..;p

    mac .. i know.. but sometimes its just hard to squeeze a smile, not even a fake one..;p

    keo .. so u write ur mood on ur face one la? then same same lo..

  14. gratz .. i still give them a smiling face.. but it just looks fake la..btw, welcome. do drop by whenever u free :)

    pikey .. oo.. luckily i dun have the emo problem... my only problem is just BITCHY....lol.. cheer up :)


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