Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't mean to be bitchy ...

I was talking to another female instructor the other day. Then suddenly i noticed something interesting on her t-shirt ( chest area ). So i took a deeper look. She realized that and shouted at me ( of cos joking lah ) :

Her : Weiii, hamsap ! Why you look at my boobs ahh? Sexy issit?

Me : Oh dun get me wrong. I thought i just saw a plane landing. Sorry to disappoint you. ;p

Just to share some funny story on workout attire with you guys.
Still remember “貼身膏藥“? So whenever she attend my class, she will make sure that she change her clothes every class. If she's joining 3 classes back-to-back, then she'll put on 3 different sets. Wether she is sweating or not, lain cerita lah. And most of them are very less-cloth/ skimpy ( ATTENTION : Less Cloth not necessary SEXY, hokay ;p ) Sometimes bareback lah, or low cut deep V. Not to mention the color combinations. ;(

After the class, i always go to the counter and talked to the girls. " I don't mean to be bitchy, but don't you think that she is a bit over?? Just make me wanna slap her more. LOL ;p "

BTW, do you think that we should have fashion police in the gym? ;p

p/s : 其實當我說"I don't mean to be bitchy"的時候,我也覺得有很好笑。應為我明明就很bitchy。哈哈。


  1. 一刀砍下去,告诉她,你有了对象!

  2. OMG... 3 different sets of cloth... gatalnya~~

  3. the gym should also have anti-hyperactive.. i cannot concentrate teaching when there;s more than 1 hyperactive in the class... nasib baik the studio is strong..

  4. harus got fashion police!!!
    and aside to eric, better pray hard hard when u in my place harr...i got many those super duper hyperactive 1 here....

  5. 其實當我說"I don't mean to be bitchy"的時候, 我也覺得有很好笑, 應為我明明就很bitchy..

    this statement reminds me of "我跟你講你不要跟別人講" being told to many.. do you see the similarity?? hahahaha~~ :D

  6. haha. yeah, just tell her lah. :P

  7. this ain't bitchy, it's just your direct view jek XD

  8. maybe she just have high sense of fashion. hahaha. Less cloth feel cooler.

  9. single .. lazy to talk to her la.. dun want to create any conversation opportunity ;p

    shin .. over rite? dunno for what ;p

    eric .. i know i know.. very distracting rite? but u cannot ask them to go worr.. so how?

  10. paul .. what will happen if u r the police huh?

    sk .. where got similarity? mine is p

  11. bong .. dun want la.. later she gembira dalam hati.. cos i noticed what she was ;p

  12. anthony .. u really know me well horr? clever boi ;p

    nana .. high sense? mayb someone complimented her b4 lah.. we shld kill that person lol ;p

  13. Not bitchy...this is sharing.
    Fashion police in gym? There I sure kena lockup.

  14. ky .. it won;t..when u r the police.. then u can set ur own rules :)


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