Sunday, July 4, 2010


I totally gave up on them. After 'this' and 'that' incident, i finally got one more and the FINAL reason for me to stop working with them!

Few weeks ago, they commented that my music is not up to date. But when started to use the latest songs, the commented again :
" Your music is more suitable for the young people la. Maybe next time you can use those songs from the eighties."
( Hello, you are the one who asked me to UPDATE my music !!! )

Then the other day, i saw this woman ( mid 40's i think ) in the class who came to the class but didn't really dance. If this happened in the gym, normally the member is either not well or having some back or knee problem. That's why they opt for a lighter exercise. But when i asked her on her reason ( btw, she is very arrogant and not friendly, and old, and ugly, and bitchy, and always complain, and fat, and ..... ) :

Me : Why you didn't do the steps?

Her : Oh, i just don't want to get sweaty ! ( nak maintain vogue yang tak pernah wujud )

I really don't understand. Why bother join a workout class ( to get fitter and healthier ) when you are not ready to get all sweaty? And the best thing is, she always complained that my steps are too simple. Padahal, most of the time she can't follow the steps during the class! And when i see that, i will purposely speed up and create more complicated steps for them. Just to make her more miserable, and for me to enjoy watching her looking miserable and kelam-kabut. ( nikmat nyer tiada terhingga LOL ;p )

So finally, i told that woman on Friday that i will only be working with them till end of the month. Cos i know, the more i work with them, the more pekcek i will be.



  1. u hav my support !!
    life aldy hard enuf.. we no need to do tat to pekchik ourselves..
    i admire ur attitude cause i think am not tat 潇洒..

  2. Life is full of contradictions!

  3. Relax lah ~ treat it as a challenge, once you gao dim that women who were not ready get sweat but insisted joined the dancing class, believe you will feel successful at that moment ... no way ? alright, instead of in future your life will be more smoothly ;) cheers

  4. yeah, support you.. it's not always about money, but it's also about the job satisfaction..

  5. yeah.. didnt suyee always say, members are going to reject u anyway.. so focus on those that support u.. :)

  6. haha. i'm sure u could bitch her back more geh...

  7. hahaha...... i think you shouldn't stop working with them..... with your "Bitchy Personality"..... the more you work with them, the more you can make them miserable lor....
    hahahhaha.... just kidding.... Cheer:)

  8. 她們很矛盾. 根本無法滿足到她們的要求。

  9. eunice .. i also admire my own 'siaosa' ;p
    no need to make ourselves unhappy just bcos of them right ? :)

    single.. kamsia ni :)

    william .. n i'm trying to look for the best way to make it a better one :)

  10. dun_k .. dun think i want to waste my time on them lo.. there's lots of things that i can do.. they're just not worth it :)

    sk .. yup yup.. cos i wont give 100% if i dun like the job.. :))

    eric .. she never give advise to freestyle instructor one la ;p

  11. bong .. trying to be less bitchy nowadays... u believe or not? lol ;p

    ed .. no need la.. waste my energy only.. ;p

    shin .. too many brain thinking, n too many mouth talking.. so ma no direction lo ;p


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