Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I know i might not be the expert in marketing, but sometimes i do think that i know how to attract and sell things to people.

Say you a member passing by a notice board in a gym. There's a poster of a coming theme class. The concept is CIRCUS. Which of the following will attract your attention and make you interested to join?

My proposal ~
The Circus :
Come join the circus and be a PARTY ANIMAL. A dance party that will make you Gaga all the way.
( Key word : Circus, animal and wild )
( Dress code : Anything that brings out the animal in you )

The final result ~
The Dance Party :
Join us as we party to the funkiest music, injected with quirkiest dance moves. Everyone is welcome and bring your friend down to clown with us.
( Key word : Circus, clown and fun )
( Dress code : Colorful )

When i saw the poster, i nearly vomit blood!!!
Cos i asked for ANIMAL and they gave me CLOWN !!!
PEKCEK ahhhhhhh !!!

animals are NOT clown !!!

Sometimes it's really sucks when you are trying to get people out of the box.


  1. 何谓突破的广告?那是一种侮辱吧?

  2. Artistic differences. :P

  3. prefer animal than clown loh...
    很自然地聯想到 clown = the joker ?

  4. single .. err? actually i dun really get what u mean .. insult? in what aspect?

    william .. its like we tried so hard to give them new things to play with.. but they still go back to the old toys.. sigh ;(

  5. shin .. rite? i plan to have a super wild and vogue nite.. but look what the got me.. 我真係接授唔到囉。哈哈。

    eric .. why r u laughing? i'm sure u know what i am talking about... care to join the party? i'm sure u can b one of the best dressed finalist.. since it's COLORFUL ;p

  6. Aiya... only people with same frequency can receive it... ;)

  7. i see the ads as aganst animal testing on cosmetic product

  8. chris .. thats y a bit keksum lo... cos i really look forward to the party.. ;)

    paul .. oo that one got nothing to do one la.. just want to take the tagline only ;p

  9. danny....some people try to be creative but then wrond direction...kekekekekeke

  10. nas .. thats what i dun understand la.. i oledi gave them everything.. it shld be easy for them just to use it.. but ...

  11. Aiyo, I likes your proposal much more lo.
    Love being an animal...wild one...
    Likes the Miley Cyrus's Can't be tamed MV lately..hehe

  12. ky .. u like that mv? so u got private prison/cage at home where u learn all the move and syok sendiri huh? lol ;p


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