Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This is something me n my gang used to do when we were in college. We like to create our own language among ourselves, trying very hard to be creative and different from others lah konon. LOL ;p

Language 1 ~ single alphabet
We change all the first alphabet of everything we want to say to a SAME alphabet.
From " What do you want to eat later? " to " Tat to tou tant to teat tater? "
From " Can i borrow the chart from you? " to " San sai sossow se shart som siu ? "
Sometimes we forgot and spoke in that language to out lecturer. And of cos, we just laughed it off and pretend nothing happened.

Language 2 ~ east meets west ( Chinese + English )
We put the plural ( add s ) in English when we were talking in Chinese.
" 今天的課s有好多東西s要做。那裡找來醬多時間s啊? "
" Library有沒有很多人s?"

Think about it now, it was quite stupid and salah, but fun. Cos people will just stared at us whenever they heard us say things like that. Another way of getting attention horr?

Do you have your own language/terms among your gang?


  1. 你真是古灵精怪,难怪那么多题目可以发挥!

  2. errr, only with close friends lor.. but not as creative as you lah, we just pronounce the words differently - eg: using bahasa baku to pronounce english~~

  3. I like to add the "z" postfix.

  4. yes.. hahaha.. but too embarassed to say..

  5. 华文加s的那个很搞笑。

  6. gang?? dun have, but hor with my mom and sis got...when i was 7-8 year-old, my mom created F-language, keke...

    "Do Fu You fiu Know Fou What Fatt am fem I Fy Talk Folk King Fing A Fur Bout foult? XD

  7. single .. nothing to do ma... must keep the mind working.. if not very fast old ;p

    sk .. i think i kno wthis one.. especially when u say LOONDOON, i need to FUKX this letter, etc...;p

    william .. this a lot of Malay like to use wor.. all de bez, punkz, ...suksez...

  8. eric .. y embarrass? we all did stupid things when last time ma.. too dirty one issit? ;p

    alive .. yes.. its really fun.. u can try talk that with ur frens.. sure they are think u crazy ;p

    keo .. do u know what am i talking about? i heard about this before.. but too advance la...

  9. My Malay colleagues in Klang talked in this way when they were talking secret:
    " Makan nasi " became " Mafakanfan nafasifi", and they spoke very fast, I think they are also very creative!!!
    But somebody told me this is a commmon language in Klang, is it?

    auntie yaz

  10. yaz .. i know that language la.. normally spoken among Malays only.. cos Chinese's tongue cannot flip so ;p

    shin .. sometimes we have to start things form ;p

  11. For me, it is just a normal slippier with the nice packaging and sell you in the high price :) I don't mind to have one if it could helps you fly in the sky :P

  12. duncan .. err.. i think this comment meant for the flip-flop post rite? if u found any shoes that can fly.. LET ME ;p


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