Sunday, July 25, 2010

得得 - 失 = 得得得 ;p

It was really a hectic week for me. 2 theme classes on Tuesday and Wednesday ( i was having diarrhea on Monday night ). The big event for my client on Saturday. Luckily everything went well, better than what i expected. And the best thing is, i think i managed to create more opportunities for more jobs ( both gym classes and event ).

I can see members ( maybe not all ) are quite happy with the class, and definitely looking forward to the next theme class, which is Halloween. The theme? ~ VAMPIRE!!! Any suggestion what i should wear?

As for the event, i think the client is happy with the result. That some of them ( from different divisions ) already started to ask me if i'm interested to do their coming annual dinner. It feel so good when you know that your actually on demand. LOL ;p

Lastly, thanks to the diarrhea and pressure ... my pants seems a bit loose, especially the waistline.;p



  1. 男人太瘦不好看,你别超瘦!

  2. superstar wif diarrhea definitely not vogue lo.. haha..
    so, slim in the healthy way.. ^^
    vampire?? edward cullen of course !!
    addicted to twilight lately.. :p
    anyway, keep up the good work !! ^^

  3. hahahaha... still havent meet u...

  4. aiyoh, so now you know what is 塞翁失馬, 焉知非福.. looks like your diarrhoea gives you luck, hahahaha!! and gosh, gone less than 60kg now?? jeles-nya~~

  5. aiyo...... diarrhea is not gud lar...
    drink 100plus.....
    u want so slim for wat??

  6. 60kg 算标准了吧 XD 从这里就可以保持下去 XD

  7. duncan .. cos now suddenly nothing to do ( yet) ma.. so ma think a lot lo :P

    bong .. there's never ' too slim' in my life la.. just want to get fitter onli jerr..;p

    single .. no la.. wont go too slim.. just want a lean fit shape... :)

  8. eunice .. ehh.. superstar oso eat n shit ;p.. sorry, not a fan of twilight.. so dunno who is who..;p

    eric .. same here la.. see when the time is right la.. then we shall ' accidentally' meet each other lol ;p

    sk .. will just try to maintain around 60kg la.. not aiming for too skinny la.. cos i know i'll look hagged and old if too slim...

  9. william .. wah .. that one ahh? then i have to stuff lots of cushion at my butt lo.. cos i got no butt lerr..

    keo .. got ppl dun want slim one meh? ;p now ok liao :)

    anthony .. yup.. will just try to stay around this weight.. ;p


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