Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ah-maaaaaaaeee-zing !!!

Sometimes, i am quite amazed with my level of BLURRness.

You see, there's some surface crack on my ring finger. And i plastered my middle finger. Just realized after the whole day, before i went for shower.
Brilliant kan? ;p

Luckily so far nothing too serious / bad happened to me due to the blurrness.
Take care, everyone. :))


  1. sometimes its not blur la..maybe mind on something else more important. :)

  2. Hahaha...poor little finger...

  3. Hey your age catching up with me! Blurr grandma! One day you will walk into ladies changing room at the gym like me! LOL

  4. Why cracked? Too much housework?

  5. hope it will get well sooon

  6. 难得糊涂,你真是JIALAT !!!

  7. Adrian .. but in this case.. i think my mind was more blurr than being occupied lo..

    chenxing .. ya la.. one got expose for nothing.. the other one kena plaster ;p

    twilight .. u sure walking into ladies changing room is an actual accident ahh? ;p

  8. william .. dunno la..according to doctor its sensitive to some chemical.. that i use for display

    naomi .. yup.. speechless is the right move ;p

  9. andrik .. yup yup.. cos its been like this since cny..

    single .. once a while la..:)


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