Thursday, June 23, 2011


They said, if you are a left handed person, you'll ...

normally ... hold the spoon with your left hand and fork on the right.

normally ... land with left hand on the floor first when you do a 'cartwheel'.

normally ... left arm is stronger than the right one.

I have all the above .. but i'm a RIGHT HANDED person.
Guess it just proved on more time that i'm not normal, cos i'm SPECIAL.

p/s : it's been a while since i last wrote a syok-sendiri entry .. just feeling it ;p


  1. So confusing ~ where got left hand hold fork? So you wank with left hand too?

  2. tat means u can use both hands bah~ lolx... special oso la, *tepuk tangan*

  3. A RIGHT handed person is supposed to hold the fork with left hand and the spoon or table knife with right hand, so your are just another normal guy, bleeekkkk.....

  4. next share something about right handed ?

  5. single .. so u met all the criteria la?

    william .. aiyo.. next time can say something less canggih or not? need to check ur word at dictionary lerr..;p

    twilight .. why u want to know? ;p

  6. vincent .. but i can only write with right hand

    jade .. sorry sorry,.. salah tulis..

    nate .. huh? what to share worr?

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