Friday, June 10, 2011

the "IT" moment ...

Sometimes, i can't think of anything to blog about. No matter how i crack my mind, there's still no ideas or inspirations. And when i'm not free to blog ( normally when i'm driving ), i'll suddenly have thousands of things to say ( geram aje ;p )

Same thing happened to me when i need to choreograph steps for new songs. Some songs / timing are really uninspiring at all. Can't think or any steps to fit in the music. Then .. when i'm not thinking about it ( normally when i'm in my bed about to sleep ), i can finish the whole song just lying there. All the steps just came out of nowhere.

I was suppose to choreograph this song for tomorrow's class. I tried a few times but still not satisfied. This morning ( at about 550am ) i woke up to go toilet. After that, i went back to bed. But before i can continue my sleep, i suddenly thought of the dance and instantly got ideas for the songs. And believe it or not, i choreographed the whole song with my eyes close ( trying to sleep ). And when i went to the studio just now, i did the whole song based on what i thought of in between sleep's moment. And it fits really well! So no need to scratch my head liao. :))

When is your most inspiring moment of the day?


  1. If I think when I'm brushing my teeth or something,I will surely mess up my routine.

  2. I used to have sleepless nights drawing artworks in my head for many years. Now you are the same siao lang! Ha ha ha!...

  3. Quite moment at night. That's when my juices, creative juices start to flow.


  4. wah so good leh... i wish i have the eureka moments too...

  5. yeah, very true!! when you're desperately in need of something you probably won't get it.. but when you just gave up thinking about it, it just comes so naturally.. that's life~~

  6. haha... i would say my most inspiring moment are when am driving & showering.
    those beautiful words just flooding my brain & after i settle down to write, then i forgot ! isshh..

  7. william .. huh? how to mess up worr? u got a lot of procedures when brushing teeth one ahh?

    twilight .. its not siao lang la.. its juts us.. too passionate with our work ;p

    chen xing .. then we are of the same kind la.. cos i think my brain functions better after ;p

  8. bong .. err. only its happening at the right moment lorr.. of else very mafan one ;p

    sk .. what to do? it normally happened when i'm sleeping / a bout to sleep. i dun want that kind if life lo ;p

    eunice .. driving and showering? dun tell me that u looking at ur naked body gives u inspirations ahh? lol ;p

  9. shiiihhh... dun tell anybody.

  10. eunice .. remind me to slap u .. if we ever meet lol ;p


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