Sunday, June 12, 2011

i hate RED

It was 10pm last night, and i was so hungry. Cos i only had 1 proper meal ( at around 4pm ) for the whole day. So i went out to tapao my favorite nasi lemak from my favorite nasi lemak stall. I told the abang :

" Bang, mintak nasi lemak satu. Lauk ayam ngan telur goreng. Nasi kurang, sambal lebih. "

And this is what i got ...

I was so excited when i seee it. It was like a giant tsunami of sambal just attacked the rice village. Don't you think that he is just so generous with the sambal? Cos normally they'll just add in quarter spoon of sambal ( sometimes just the chili oil ) when you request for extra sambal. :(

FYI, red is my least favorite color ( besides orange ). Unless the redness comes with some spiciness, or with money inside. LOL :))
What's your least favorite color?


  1. That's an interesting approach to questions: least favourite. I look forward to probing myself with such questions.

    I can't answer your question about the least favourite colour though. Hmmm.

  2. color that I hate in particular.

    Btw, wouldn't it be too spicy ? The Nasi Lemak I meant.


  3. wah. look also feel spicy.

  4. chaiminhui .. wow.. thanks for making effort to really think about the answer.. cos i thought my entries are mostly brainless ones .lol;p

    chenxing .. sudah biasa la.. it wont be nasi lemak if the sambal is just one teaspoon .. i dun like nasi lemak from those xx kopitiam .. so stingy with their sambal ;(

  5. bong .. err.. to me it's not really spicy la.. maybe my tongue got no spicy function anymore ;p

    alan .. its a 'pek' of something very yummy 'yeh' ;p

  6. I love RED, BLACK & WHITE! I also love sambal manyak pedas! Nasi lemak so fattening la... I love it too.

  7. Yikes! A tsunami of oil!

  8. 你应该说 sambal asingkan.

  9. twilight .. maybe next time we can set up a nasi lemak gathering :))

    william .. now u know why its so hard for me to loose weight .. will all those oil? yummy :))

    single .. err.. dun get me wrong .. thats exactly the way i like it ... nasi lemak flooding with sambal :)


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