Monday, June 13, 2011

i love BLACK

A common scene at my balcony on my laundry day ...
Some might thought that it's my uniform. Well, it kinda is .. as i wear black tops most of the time. It's like my signature look ( black top with cargo pants, cropped pants, jeans, etc. ) Cos i believe that ( not necessary true ) black color will make my body look slimmer ( a common myth right? ;p ).

I have more than 40 pcs ( 25% fo the total pcs ) of black tops in my closet. It's just like a 'basic' requirement in the closet. But i know there's still some people who do not own or wear any black colored top at all! Cos to them it is the color of suei-ness. And they are YOUNGER than me !!!

What is your signature color?


  1. Why you need black to hide? You are not FAT, only your mouth! Ha ha!

  2. So many! Like those in the retail cosmetic and perfume department.

  3. my favorite colour change according to my age.
    10s: red , white
    20s: black, navy, purple.

    n i noticed, when am getting older, my clothes getting darker. sigh.

    n yes, black definately look slimmer! ^^

  4. I wear almost any colors. But then, maroon makes me look fierce and all old.


    Oh ya, all black. Reminds me of Simon Cowell...


  5. i think i have... averagely all the color also got.. hahahha

  6. 可是风水师说不要常穿黑衣,运气没那么理想。

  7. black..its stylish yet casual n n of coz classic =)

  8. twilight .. so? better for me o wear a black mask or apply black lipstick? ;p

    william .. haha .. maybe my neighbors will think that i'm one of those make up artist huh? lol ;p

    eunice .. i think so .. cos nowadays i oso try not to wear too bright liao .. like so desperate to look young ;p

  9. colorblind .. aiya .. this one small case only la.. u should see my closet :))

    chenxing .. haha .. i think i'm as bitchy as him as well.. :))

    bong .. u still young .. can carry all sorts of color and still look young :)

  10. single .. if possible they want u to wear bright everyday la .. thats y me n fengshui master are not so best friend lo ;p

    adrian .. yup.. classic and stylish .. just something that i always wanted :))

    kokhua .. yerr.. that one i look so fat..;(

  11. I dun have a signature color...
    coz different mood i will like different color/s........=)

  12. keo .. gd for u .. at least u wont look predictable ;p


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