Friday, June 3, 2011

a complete meal

I have a habit of finishing whatever in my plate when i eat, unless the food is really horrible. But some of my friends just felt that it's a bit strange and funny. Whenever they see my 'clean' plate after the meal, normally they'll tease :

你好餓啊?Very hungry issit?

Cos to them, it's common and normal to have some leftover food on the plate by the end of the meal. And i think that's just a waste. But to them my habit is just so tak vogiu .. like never eat in years. :(

有人叫吃到太乾淨的碟為 “美人照鏡“。


  1. hahaha! I heard they said 以後不用怕餓不著肚子。

  2. normal wat. i also clean my plate...

  3. 不浪费是美德,除非很难吃啦。

  4. Yes it is good habit! I am sinful to waste food always esp buffet dinners!

  5. All my children are being taught to finish their meal, and I am glad they all do that. And of course having a mum who can dish out delicious meals help a lot, hehe XD

  6. Malays believe that anak dara who who do not leave leftovers in their plates will have handsome husbands.

  7. kokhua .. something like ' bekalan hari tua ' issit? lol ;p

    bong .. ya lah .. such a good habit to practice rite? :0

    single .. yup.. i wont force myself if its really horrible .. my treat myself nice maa..

  8. twilight .. u orang kaya .. u'll oso feel sinful one meh? lol ;p

    jade .. sangat pandai horr? go big round then praise urself... lol ;p

    william .. really? that only apply to anak dara or those yang dah pecah dara as well? ;p


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