Thursday, June 2, 2011

jom mandi :)

I was once scolded by my female housemate, saying that i took too much time showering. But my average shower time is only 10 minutes. According to her, man should just take 3 to 5 minutes for shower. I was like WTF? Man not human ahh? Man no need to wash really clean ahh?

I got 2 friends who shower really long ... MINIMUM 30 minutes per shower. The 1st on cos he got bigger surface ( luas permukaan. ;p ) if you know what i mean. LOL. And the 2nd one just simple bcoz 'he likes to be pampered by water every time he shower. '.. To me it's so wasting water and time. ;p

So what is your average shower time? Is 10 minutes really long meh?

How many time you shower per day?
For me, normal days 2 times. If got class.. 3 or more lo.


  1. Usually after wake up, and after gym.

    AND it really depends what I do inside..

    If late, 2 minutes shower. Just to look fresh.

    If got lots of time, slow slow lor.. maybe wank or something.. then 30 minutes can :)

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  3. wah... lamanyer. i shower 15 minutes. hahahahahaha jk

  4. 10 minutes OK mah, i think i also around that time lor.. but then taking 30 minutes to shower is really wasting water, not resource friendly lah, i agree with you..

  5. erm... normally will take about 10-20min. depends on wat project tat day. scrub ke? hair treatment ke?
    girl ma.. ^^
    shower min 3 times, after wake up, after fong gong, before bed.
    is it too over? =P

  6. This is my updated shower chart.

    Mandi Sial - 1 minit
    Mandi Kerbau - 2 Minit
    Mandi Bunga - 5 Minit
    Mandi Danny - 10 Minit
    Mandi Bersih - 15 Minit
    Mandi Takashi - 30 Minit
    Mandi Spa - 60 minit
    Mandi Laut - 120 minit
    Mandi Lemas - Forever

    Mine is 15 Minit lo.

  7. 15 minutes or more for me :\

  8. eric .. i still dunno how to shower in 2 minutes .. just water issit? no soap or shmapoo?

    bong .. ya la.. sometimes waiting for them to shower can be so annoying..;(

    sk .. u oso 10 mins huh? i can see more n more similarity ...:)

  9. eunice .. y must shower after fong gong? what gong r u doing that u must shower after that wrr? lol ;p

    twilight .. whta a long n detail list.. 15 mins? u sure ahh? cos ur permukaan oso quite luas...hahahaha ( dun slap me ;p )

  10. kokhua .. or more? meaning there's a chance for you to shower 30mins oso lah?

    single .. quite standard rite? :)


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