Monday, June 20, 2011

what the hell?

Sometimes i think i'm quite good in creating amazing crappy philosophy.

I was sick for the past few days. So when i went for classes, i'll inform and apologize to the members ...

" Hi class. Sorry ya, i won't be able to do full out with you guys. Cos i'm still not feeling well. "

So everyone was very understanding with my situation. And right after that line ...

" OK, let's do something sexy today. "

Then i can see some of the member's faces like WTH? You just say that you are sick and now you want to do sexy stuff? So i told them the following ..

( boys & girls, remember this very important tips of life. ;p ) :
" You can be sick, but you can never be too sick for SEXY ~ Danny The Big Mouth ( 2011 ) "

And everyone just bursted out laughing once i said that. What a great way to start a class kan? :))

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Great to be healthy again. And i can start bitching / lasering again. LOL ;p

p/s : Happy Daddy's Day !
( My whole family is coming to KL to have Father's Day dinner. They'll stop by my house before the dinner. Must quick quick clean the house now. ;p )


  1. glad that u're getting better. ;)

  2. just now am still wondering y tis danny havnt update his blog yet..
    good to hear tat u recovered.
    n BACK IN ACTION. ^^

  3. Haha! Copyright from Danny The Big Mouth :P

  4. Sometimes I think you make a good and freaky actor!

  5. bong .. nice seeing u guys the other day :)

    eunice .. was sick n busy la.. but dun worry.. the bitch is BACK !!! ;p

    single .. kamsia kamsia.. u take care too :))

  6. kokhua .. ya wor.. copyright .. but u think they'll approve ahh? lol ;p

    twilight .. err.. i think i have to agree with u on this la..:)) good, freaky .. and VOGIU ;p

  7. You should start a Sexiness Campaign in hospitals all over Malaysia.

  8. william .. err.. why hospital lerr? can i choose other venue ahh? ;p


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