Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's been a hectic month. Trying to handle a few jobs at the same time. Then one of my client called to cancel the job.

But i have to say that i was so relieved that that particular job was cancelled. Cos there were so many problems with the client, and i regreted on taking the job. Furthermore they don't really have budget for it. So it's good that it's cancelled. :)

To celebrate my relief, i bought a pair of shoes ( you know that i am crazy about shoes rite? ;p ) from my client's new shop. Just to show support and give face a bit la. But i think the main reason is i've already spotted and aimed for this design when i browsed thru their catalogue on the 1st meeting, way before we set up the new shop. And once it hit the selling floor, i just can't wait / resist anymore. ;p

I think it's really nice. Simple with some details. I wore it immediately, can't wait to show them off. LOL ;p
What say you? Ada cantik?

失去了一個 job,換來一雙鞋子。。。有賺,有賺。哈哈。


  1. It is so unique, weird and avant garde!! I think I will look good wearing one too! How much dei?

  2. twilight .. u like? bought it from Bratpack @ GE Mall... below RM300 :))


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