Sunday, June 5, 2011

bang! bang!

Funny and annoying things happened in front of the same studio. I parked my car in front of the studio, and sat in the car while waiting for my class. Then i can see the members arrive one by one, going up the studio.

Last week, this Chinese girl member parked next to me. And when she opened her car door and stepped out, she knocked my car. I cursed and stared at her in my car, don't think she realized that. Then this week, another Malay member did the same thing. The best thing is, both of them didn't bother checking either cars after the bang. Why lah members from this studio like to bang people's car?

Do you think i should actually step down the car and confront them if it happen again? But they are my members, not sure if i should do that ...

Or maybe i should announce it before the class with the mic :

" You there in the pink tank top. Stop banging my car! " ;p


  1. Those who banged, ask them do 50 push ups! Their tired arms will never knock your cars again.

  2. you should warn them in a friendly tone with a pretend-to-joke-but-look-serious face, "next time whoever bangs my car, i will make sure they dance till their legs are weak and can't drive home"..

  3. SK Thambee ~ Muahahahaha! LOL.. Grandma faints!

  4. Put a warning sticker on your car.

  5. single .. how to say worr.. instructor and a member .. cannot scold her oso la..

    twilight .. yeah. i do that.. n i wont see them again in my class :(

    sk .. serious but joking face? cannot lo.. cos if i say.. i'll put on my fierce bitchy face ;p

  6. william .. warning sticker? maybe like :



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