Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just got another super weird dream.

I was at the corner of a room, fully makeup and costumed. Not sure what is happening. I saw so many people, boys n girls, young and old, running here n there. It was a packed and busy room.

Then someone ask me to follow him to a door, and asked me to wait for his cue. What cue?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO.

He opened the door and pushed me out. A very loud samba music was played. Thousands of people standing at the both sides of the road cheering for me. I was on the top of a carnaval ( carnival ) float !!! AHHH!!! IT WAS LIKE A DREAM COMES TRUE FOR ME!!! Tunggu apa lagi? I smiled and started to move every part of my body to that ever passionate and sexy samba music. I danced, and danced and danced ... Then i feel like peeing. And i woke up and went to the toilet. ;p

There goes my ONE NIGHT ONLY fame. :)

Hmm .. i was thinking. Is it a sign that i should/will visit Brazil soon?

Meanwhile, try to shake every inch of your body to the song posted. Enjoy ... :)


  1. Quick book your air ticket today!

  2. haha. did u just watched RIO?

  3. wow ... similar to RIO scene when the lady been push to the top of the Samba Car ! Well, wish your dream comes true ~

  4. You did not describe what you wore.

  5. 睡觉都不让头脑休息,JIALAT! 

  6. Oh my, I so wanna dance...

    Samba shall it be then...

  7. twilight .. book ticket.. and then? u pay for me issit? no money la ;p

    bong .. no la.. watched that weeks ago.. totally love the story and the colors and the songs...:))))

    dunk .. ya wor.. almost the same .. instead of wishing me dream come true.. why not helping me to actually make it come true... sponsor ;p

  8. william .. can;t really remember la.. all i know is its very colorful and very big .. as in with lots of details and props...

    single .. it's not for me to control my mind.. sigh ;(

    chenxing . dance la dance la.. better yet, come dance in my class .. deal? :))


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