Monday, June 6, 2011

Danny GAGA : The Edge of KUALI

I was in the kitchen, in some sort of cooking competition. There's too many ingredients on the table and i have too little cooking knowledge. I looked at other contestants, they looked focused and cool. I was freaking out.

Then came the host :

" Contestants, for today's challenge, you'll have to create a breakfast meal ... WHILE YOU DANCE TO THE MUSIC! " And they played the song. OMG!!! It was Gaga's " The Edge of Glory " ( which i just did last week in my classes ).

Tunggu apa lagi. I pun started to shake and move while trying to fry a mata kerbau. BTW. they frying pans were really colorful siap dengan bling-bling lagi! I think at some point, i was laughing at those kayu chefs. ( LOL ;p ) Suddenly i walked out from the kitchen and tak balik-balik lagi ! Damn, why can't i wait for the result before i move to the other scene? ;(

You do know that i was dreaming rite? ;p
A classic example of me watching "Top Chef" and " So U think U Can Dance" before going to bed.

p/s : posted my current FAVORITE song .. in 2 versions
if u think the 1st one is too light for you.. then wait for the 2nd one.. :))
( FYI, the lala inside me prefer the 2nd version ... lol ;p )


  1. Wah, all the minyak panas terpelanting!

  2. 每次看到你的文章都会偷偷笑!

  3. Why weird dreams in season now? First William & Robert Redford. Now Danny & Masak Masak Menari... LOL

  4. New season of So You Think You Can Dance is back! Woohoo!

  5. william .. kepanasan minyak tak dapat tandingi kapanasan ku.. cos i'm HOTTER ;p

    single .. u can laugh rite at my face.. n its ok.. my pleasure to cheer ppl up :)

  6. twilight .. no worries.. u'll get ur weird dream soon .. twilight doing swan lake maybe? lol ;p

    legolas .. i dun really follow.. but definitely will watch if i ter'switch to that channel .. u think Alex will b back in this season?

  7. hahaha...nice combination of dreams..

  8. ad .. yeah .. but its kinda tiring as well.. cos need to move my body and watch out for boiling ;p

  9. Ish ... was thinking to ask you whether win the cooking competition or not ... well, gaga is so talented ! And her songs lead me rock the gym ! WoW

  10. Choi Choi lu mia mulut!


  11. dun k .. oo.. another gaga fan huh? :)) m tryig to do at least 5 songs from her latest album :))

    twilight .. y? u dun like swan lake issit? lol ;p


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