Monday, June 27, 2011

Kylie's APHRODITE @ Bangkok

The moment she appeared on stage and said : " SAWADEEKA THAILAND", i flushed my vogiuness down the toilet deep deep. I screamed, i jumped, i danced and i waved like nobody's business. In fact, i think the whole arena did the same. The atmosphere was so awesome. By the 4th song, i kinda lost my voice liao. But i still carry on singing till the end with my now low-and-husky voice. LOL.

The set was interesting. The costumes were so inspiring ( can copy for my show, lol ;p ). The visual effects were so scandalous, 80% of them are images of guys in skimpy underwear, posing seductively. And of cos, KYLIE was superb. It's was a roughly 120mins show where i think we hardly sat for 10mins. You just have to stand up and move every time the intro came up. What a great cardio session. BTW, i think i lost weight in BKK. Amazing kan? ;p

Besides that, things were equally happening off stage ~ the crowd. I bet u won't have this in any of her other Asian tour. It's Bangkok, a place where they dont really care about gender. There were so many Kylie wannabes, dressed as Kylie from different era. She even invited 2 person ( a guy and a kua ) from the audience to join her on stage. One of the fan kneeled down and kiss her shoes. Then he cried. I also cried, a bit la. How i wish that was me. ;p

Me doing silly thing at the arena. You just can't stand still with all the Kylie's songs blasting at the speakers at the foyer. Bought a "K for Kylie" t-shirt and wore it on the spot.

Got this super fabulous 'Bangkok heart Kylie' t-shirt as part of the souvenir from the ticker purchase. I'm so going to wear it to gym and parade!!!! LOL ;p


p/s : i think half of KL was there. saw so many familar faces.


  1. guy next to you got under 160cm mou??

  2. Awesome!!!! Yeah the Bangkok audience should be more creative than the other Asian stops.

    it's my turn to experience some Kylie magic in a few days. I'm ready to jump and scream till I lose my voice haha :D

  3. Glad you have enjoyed the show !

  4. Why didn't you go in your dream samba costume?

  5. Sounds like quite a concert!

  6. So envy la!!! That reminds me of my Jacky Cheong concert in Bukit Jalil and the way I shouted and feeling young and energized after that.

    The T-shirt looks nice, but wearing one to be a walking billboard is not my cup of tea (just sour grape talk)

  7. 好像越来越青春哦!

  8. WOW! No wonder so many familiar face at Bangkok. But I left BKK today :!

  9. Wah the diva lost to the bigger diva.

    Btw, loved the shirt!

  10. kylie!! hehe
    love the bling bling on the T

  11. bong .. not only syok .. i was super HIGH that night :))

    paul .. err.. i can;t really bother liao.. cos i was too HIGH ;p

    jboy .. you will and you ;p

  12. chenxing .. glad that i decided to go and watch.. really worth it :)

    william .. err.. my luggage kinda over weight with all the costume that i bought liao..

    savante .. best concert i ever been .. :)

  13. jade .. i've wore the tee and parade in gym ;p

    kokhua .. yup.. so high is definitely the word :)

    single .. got meh? thanks to my goddess to bring back my youth :)

  14. becks .. i'm not surprise if we walk pass by each other lo..

    ant .. how dare u compare this diva celup with the REAL dive? ;p

    adrian .. the tee was actually quite good quality .. at least the seequins were very nicely sewn :)


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