Friday, January 13, 2012

show me your teeth ...

For those who are close with me, they should know that i always check my teeth after a meal. I have a little pocket mirror with me all the time. Or i'll just ask my friends if there's anything on my teeth. Cos i had a very bad / embarrassing experience when i was in Greece.

I just finished a plate of Greek salad. I forgot to bring the mirror that day. So i showed my teeth to my friend. He looked at me and said nothing. OK. Then we continue chatting, taking picture. I went to the washroom before we left the restaurant. I washed my hand and looked in the mirror. To my horror, there's a piece ( not small ) of vege stuck in between my teeth. It was so obvious and my friend said OK. I quickly remove the vege and went out to scold my friend! ;p

There's a few things that i must rinse my mouth after eating ...
Oreos ( this one my ex colleague got a very CLASSIC story ;p ), black sesame muachi, pulut hitam.. and what else ahh?

Do you have the same habit? Rinse mouth after meal? Or bring your own pocket mirror? :)


  1. Got no pocket mirror, but will go to the toilet and check it out.


  2. I need to start doing that.

  3. chenxing ... me too me too.. but sometimes just a bit too obvious to go washroom :)

    chai .. err.. good for u :) at least can save us some embarrassment :)

  4. Every after meal, is a must for me to clean my teeth =p Very weird walking round knowing there's something stuck least a check will give some relief.. ;)

  5. AD .. yup .. i totally understand ur feeling .. it feels so insecure not knowing if there's anything stuck on our teeth :)

  6. So far i never encounter le.

  7. dr bong .. then u shld just stick one vege on ur teeth and walk around.. try that feeling a :)


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