Saturday, January 14, 2012

it's a MUST!?

CNY must do list :

buy new clothes;
spring cleaning;
get a haircut;
return all borrowed stuff??!!

A friend text me this morning asking when am i free cos he need to return the stuffs that borrowed from me. The first thing i asked him was : " Do you pantang? Must return borrowed things before CNY? Cos if not, we can always meet and return after CNY. Then not so rush lorr... "

Do you have this practise/pantang? Must return everything you borrowed before CNY? Or else your new year won't be that smooth?

Ever heard of the below popular phrase from 80's Hong Kong mafia gangster movie?...

有借唔還。。。唔想做人!!!( this is the cue where the Along pull out his gun and point at the fellow's head ;p )

See? I takde maki-hamun u tau? Tak yah nak return the dvd so urgently. :)


  1. chai .. no as in no pantang? or no hutang at all? :)

  2. Money matters wise, I think it's a must for me to return.


  3. chenxing ... but how about bank loan? guess most of us is carrying that over the year :))

  4. Takde pantang. I too modern izzit...

  5. chai .. modern n vogiu too ;)

  6. hurmmm...i hardly pantang I guess..I even wore black T on CNY eve couple of years back..hahaha

  7. AD .. i think last year i also wore black on 1st day of cny :)


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