Sunday, January 8, 2012

so u think u can SPIT?

( 1st rubbish post of the ;p )

I always admire those lorry or bas mini drivers for their special talent ... SPITTING. They can spit from inside the moving vehicle and the spit can reach the as far as the side or the road.

I tried a few times ( of cos not in public la ) but always end up drooling or wetting my own face. My conclusion is .. my mouth is too big, ... focal/aiming area too wide .. not focused enough.

Are you good in spitting?
Cos you know la, it can add in a bit of dramatic effect when in a bitch fight. Hahaha ;p


  1. got technique one. have to suck the air in ur mouth, and create a vacuum inside ur mouth like that. then use ur tongue and push as fast and as hard as u can. ideally the same time, squeeze the muscles around the mouth, and open it in a small opening.

    chewah. teach ppl bad thing. LMAO.

  2. dr bong .. waahhh so complicated one ahh? nvm la.. i give up spitting ;p

    chenxing .. yeerrr... so the elegant one.. :)

  3. chenxing .. i should learn more from u then ;p

  4. I am quite good at it but never really do it in public. Eh! but everytime when i brush my teeh i always end up spitting on my own shirt. I guess i am a little bit better than u la Danny. You face...i shirt!!! isk!!!

  5. Tried failed. Hahaha.

  6. child .. i think we both have to go for aiming lesson huh? lol ;p

    AD .. nvm la.. its not something that is really useful anyway..;)

    chai .. ah boy ahh.. not every time also swallow one.. ;p

  7. Yuks!! This post made me squirm. I cannot tahan all the spttums! I saw enough in China and nearly screamed at them all.

  8. grandma .. i know i know .. i cannot imagine myself visiting ;p


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