Monday, January 16, 2012

Nah! Penampar ...

It's final week to CNY. Everyone is trying to make the last minute things done before the big day. Besides shopping mall and roasted meat stalls ( ;p ), the other place to avoid is .... THE BANKs.

I spent almost my whole day today doing banking stuffs. Running from one bank to another, trying to settle the payments for my suppliers. It was like big sale in the bank. People mountain people sea. After waiting for almost 2 hours, it's finally my turn. The counter lady saw me and jokingly asked me for angpow. I looked at her a smiled, telling her that i'm not married yet. But in my burning heart ..
" Angpow? Penampar adalah. Nak? " ;p

But i managed to finished whatever banking stuff that need to be done. Yay :)

BTW, do you give angpow during CNY?
Like to the elderly or the kids ( your niece and nephew )?


  1. tell her "choy, i haven't married yet!! MAKCIK why not you give angpow to me??"

  2. Nope, I don't give. But I like to "receive".


  3. I do, I always make sure I give ang pow to my granny when i go back for cny. It's the utmost respect every grandchildren should uphold.


  4. chai .. ya la.. i think i also didn't give any when i was ur age :)

    sk . she's a young malay girl. younger than me la .. :)

  5. chenxing .. then i wish u non stop receiving this year lo.. ok bo? ;p

    CP .. same la.. i oso give angpow to my grandma .. make old ppl happy a bit .. besides her, my parents.. then my 5 nieces n nephew.. ( trying to be a good ;p ) welcome btw :)

  6. Yang pentingnya bayar hutang je. :P

  7. I'm only good at receiving ang pau... =p To early to give any, I

  8. william .. bayar hutang ? oic .. ade pantang ye? :)

    AD .. thats the advantage of being young la .. can use that as an excuse ;p


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