Sunday, January 1, 2012

just a number.

It's 2012.
I'm officially hitting my mid 30's ( 35 ) this year.
And i'm totally proud of it.
Not sure why, but i'm always very happy to share my age when others asked about it.

Some said that it's just a number. But some are very secretive with it ( not only girls hokay? ;p )

So, are you very open with your age ( i'm talking about your actual age ;p ) ?

Happy New Year everyone :)


  1. happy happy happppyyy new year my dearest biaokho!! yes - im always open and "down" to boobs...! (oh no~~~)

    may your new year is blessed with wealth, health, happiness, love and a buttful of energy and vogiu-ness.

    see you tomorrow!

    koko biaomei

  2. dr bong .. wow.. so young n talented.. really envy of u la :)

    koko .. happy new year to u too.. n i know that u r always proud of urself being .. 38 years old...ahahahahahaha ;p

  3. You definitely have to join Club30

  4. william .. join the club? i tot i am already the VIP member since 5 years back? ;p

  5. I am 23. I would think I am 30.

  6. I don't mind too when people ask about my age.

    Anyway, Happy 2012 New Year to you again.

    How's the CNY display coming along ?

  7. Happy New Year!! Although you're hitting 35 this year, still (mentally) young and (physically) energetic!!

    Best Wishes.

  8. Happy New Year Danny! Was wondering what did you do when u turn big 3 (30) 5 yrs ago?

  9. chai .. waaaa.. u so young one ahh? i always tot that u r at least 25 n working...:)

    chenxing .. will start my 1st cny display today at klcc.. hopefully everything will be smooth :)

  10. edward .. tqtq .. mentally maybe but physically .. can feel the oldness liao ...hahahaha.. happy new year :)

    ian .. err.. 5 years ago i made a very big decision ... switched to FREELANCE... which i am enjoying it everyday :) happy new year :)

  11. I take that as a compliment, and yeah I don't mind people knowing my age. But I don't like it when people tell me that I'm still so young (although I sometimes do that to people). :)

  12. Danny Kor,

    Let's PARTAYY!!!!

  13. I do mind to let those that are younger than me know my age. But very proud to let those older ppl to know my age :p

  14. chai .. wahh.. YOU ARE SO YOUNG....ahahaha

    dr bong .. err.. i'm very sure i won't be like that la..;p

    haren .. wow hello.. long time no see.. not very sure what is your logic on that... happy new year :)

  15. Actual age? What actual age? Chronological? Biological? Or psychological? They are all different numbers!! (Old lady's talk, haha....)

    I guess it's more important to THINK YOURSELF YOUNG!! So psychologically, I am 36, just a year older than you :))

  16. jade .. err... 36? ok lorr.. as long as u r ;p


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