Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 times a night ...

I'm already in bed, ready to sleep.
Suddenly got a sms from an unknown number.
( not sure if i know this person before )
It's one of those forwarded jokes / greetings.
And the sms kept coming every 3 minutes.
I received a total of 7 different jokes / greetings from an unknown number.

What would you do?
Reply to ask who is the sender?
Reply to ask him/her to stop sending sms?
Ignore it and just sleep? ( but it will bother you for the night wondering who is the sender )


  1. i think i wont be able to hear the msg alert if am sleeping.. hahaha..

    if i heard it more than 2 times, i'll switch it off..

    cause bedtime is my precious time..
    no1 can kacau.. ;p

  2. hahahahaha. i think i wont be bothered with messages also la. hahahaha

  3. I will sms and ask who lo. If he/she said, "hahaha, guess la." I will just ignore. :P

  4. haha!
    I've been is your situation before, I just put it on silent mode and totally ignore it...

    If the wonder keep bother you from sleep, it is your problem Danny, you just too care who's that~

  5. Will totally ignore them and will not be bothered by not knowing who that is. Maybe some psycho that I really don't want to know about.

  6. Ignore and continue to sleep. Who 's that? FInd out hte next day lor.

  7. u can try to ask the sender "Get a life instead of forwarding some non sense joke and jam up the network"

  8. i rather receive 7 smses than receiving calls from the "hello-hello" Indon lady... :D

  9. 我的电话现在每天都差不多放silent的


  10. Conclusion = ade unknown admirer le.
    Jealous nye... my phone so quiet every night!! LOL.
    I think I will ignore lo. Lazy to layan at midnight.

  11. Just silent the thing lo..


    SPAM him back!!!

  12. i didnt get this kind of sms b4
    keep sending me fr afternoon till next day morning.
    i turn off my phone when i was sleeping lor

  13. i'll just ignore, delete and go back to sleep lor.. but sleeping woh, most probably i won't realise the SMS also lah..

  14. so many ppl interested u

  15. eunice .. i am a very light sleeper.. a small little sound will wake me up :(

    bong .. me too.. but if its continuously for 7 times.. its a bit frustrating ;p

    freedom .. i don't even bother to sms back.. cos its rude..;p

  16. kokhua .. actually i'm quite curious to know oso la.. cos i know my close fren won;t do that.. they know i hate fwd sms..;p

    legolas .. luckily i was too sleepy the other nite.. if not sure i'll keep on thinking about it ;p

    karen .. oh no... nvr bother to find out.. ;p its just rude to sms others without saying who r u ( obviously we r not close.. cos i dun hv his/her contact saved in my phone ).

  17. single .. i normally sleep with my hp on.. just in case any emergency la.:)

    ck .. i was too sleepy and annoyed .. no mood to reply the sms

    sherry .. follow my suggestion.. call her back every hour.. 'wei... wei...' lol ;p

  18. chileong .. i can hear the vibrating sound even when i'm sleeping...

    ky .. top up my phone credit for me.. then everynite i send u nonsense sms..deal? ;p

    emo .. spamming is just not my thing la.. furthermore i dun hv any stupid msgs in my hp to be fwded lol;p

  19. tagnan .. we set a date.. i'll attack u with stupid sms.. see how u feel ;p

    sk .. thats what i did.. delete and sleep.. hope i wont get this type of thing again :))

    wee .. dun think so la.. welcome by the way :)

  20. i'll turn my phone off and just sleep, then next day call over and ask who the hell is the bastard. :X

  21. grey .. turning off the phone while i sleep makes me insecure la..:(

  22. I will turn handphone to silent without vibrate, and continue to sleep.


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