Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I normally will fall sick once the peak season for my VM job is over.

Today, i finally completed all the CNY and Valentine's Day window display for my clients. And as predicted, i am feeling very tired and weak. Not to mention that i have 2 classes today. So i quickly went to my 'personal doctor' at Pavilion, to get some medicine. Got some meds from the 'clinic', not cheap okay? ;p

There, my medicine :

Can see result in 5 minutes, very effective.;p
( ada chantique? )
Guess this will be my CNY shoes this year.:)

BTW, what is the ONE item that you must buy to celebrate CNY every year?
Shirts? Pants? Undies? Shoes? Belts? Socks? Wallets?

My answer is ... SEMUA DI ATAS.. DAN BANYAK LAGI ;p


  1. walau eh, the ubat is very mahal lor.....
    u didnt buy the undie leh...hehehe

  2. 我每年好像都没什么想买的,

  3. so nice you've got the "water" to fall sick and see doctor~~ somemore so rainbowly colorful, so suit you..

  4. hmmm... i tot what "Personal Doctor" @ Pavilion. But after reading the whole post... realize shopping can cure sickness.

    Can i go shopping to recover from flu?

  5. 你用彩虹的浪漫 温柔包装~~~~

  6. i juz need to eat nice food.....
    then gather with frens and family..

  7. aiyor.. this shoe is so 'danny' la n nice also la.. ^^
    suit u prefectly , 骚货。 hahahaha..
    items for CNY? the list never end...

  8. wahh lauu eehhhh....the shoes...cannot tahan...faint!

  9. Love the bottom of the shoes! So kewl! Like rainbow some more :)

  10. single .. this year i just need to buy pants.. cos still got so many things have not wear one ( incl undies..) ;p

    chileong .. nvm la. as long as u enjoy the festive, who cares if the clothing are new or old :))

    sk .. my sickness know when is the right time to fall sick..;p no ma.. my old gym shoes oledi koyak.. so got good reason to buy lo :)

  11. tz .. different people react to different medicine wo.. i dare not ask u to try my method lo.. lol;p

    alan .. yup yup.. and now i can wear the shoes and sing that song ( i finally can finish the song liao :)

    keo .. yup.. that shld be the way to celebrate.. not like me.. always think of the packaging onli .. hehee

  12. eunice .. i used to hv a long long list for cny shopping.. but need liao.. that shoes so the cheerful kan? :))

    paul .. scary faint or overwhelm faint? dun worry.. they got 2 sets of shoe lace.. one plain black and one the colorful ones..:))

    savante .. believe it or ot? i bought the shoes just becos i like the bottom design so much.... very cool rite? :))

  13. very cheerful indeed, I also notice the bottom very nice. the design is simple, but the colourful shoe lace make it so outstanding.
    I am so lazy to go shopping. I am planning to go shopping after CNY

  14. wahhhhhhhh.... instant relieve hor?

  15. Where I go so much $$$ like you? I juz make it a must to be very "cina" and uy myself a red shirt to be worn on the 1st day of CNY. :)

    p/s time to go minum Brands chicken essence.

  16. a pair of good jeans. Has been doing this for 3 years, hoho..

  17. nana .. yup the bottom is just so nice.. i actually oso dun llike to shop b4 cny.. cos sure very crowded one.. i a bit phobia with crowded places :)

    bong .. ya wor.. i'm not doctor oso know what to do for fast heeling...LOL ;p

    ant .. wah so cina one ahh? meaning if i visit u during cny sure got angpow one loh? ;p

    karen .. gd choice.. cos i think thats the most wearable things in ur daily life kan? :))

  18. retail therapy is making my wallet sad. So I DON'T DO IT. LOL

  19. freedom .. once a while is ok la.. its a therapy anyway :))

  20. Very celebrity look. I particular like the shoe lace....very colorful

  21. ck .. i changed the shoe lace to all black liao.. cos i sendiri pun ada sikit beh tahan la.. too colorful ;p

  22. y wor....attract too much bees?


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