Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I was outside of the studio, waiting for the instructor to finish his class in another 10 mins. Nothing special, they were having fun with the step boards.

But suddenly something caught my attention. It was the music that was playing in the studio ...

" Tang.. tang.. tang... " It was Sammi Cheng's 獨家試唱 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 20 exclamation marks, cos i was really shocked ) ! And the best thing is... it was a cover version ... in Thai !!!!! ( 5 more ;p )

My goodness, i thought i will only hear this song when we are in Karaoke doing the lala stuff... Just when i thought those songs in my list are already the 'creme de la creme' of the LALA society. Tak sangka still got people use it to teach class. ;p

What is the LALAest song in your song list ( new or old.. as long as the LALAness is still there )?

p/s: Dun get me wrong, i still LOVE this song very much... but not in gym la :p


  1. Some of these songs have good rhythm for dancing too! :)

  2. what's that song all about? lol. i pun tak tau. :P how's u doing? better dy?

  3. May b is d lala members who requested leh...

  4. lala song for step class?? so salah lah....isshhh

  5. l .. oo this one i like.. i dun mind use it for my class worr..

    ant .. of cos.. but if u use it in the class.. its just felt a bit salah lah :)

    bong .. me ok liao.. oledi started teaching class... dunno the song? nvm, next time i show u...lol ;p

  6. ck .. luckily i dun hv members request me to use this kind of song.. cos i will end up syok sendiri...lol ;p

    paul .. although the beat is there..but... i think i will end up non stop laughing will doing the steps lo..:))

  7. wanna make it...
    wanna make it for your will...dat la da dat dat dat da....煞科煞科现在只好煞科...always the best lor..
    If u use this song to teach class, I sure come!!!

  8. ky .. u sure or not? set a date .. let ur horse come.. who scare who? ;p

  9. hmmm... you played Cantonese song for your dancing class? hmmm... maybe i should join your class, sure feel different :)

  10. tz .. never tried that.. n dun think i'll do that.. well.. mayb during the CNY period la.. just to let them feeling feeling a bit ;p


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