Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is that my CUE ...?

Last Saturday after the class, a member from my class came to me and asked me whether wanna join him for lunch or not. Since i have to do my Saturday routine, so i said yes. So we went makan at the cafe .

Everything was quite casual. Chatted about work, classes, and of cos, some bitching. ( ;p ) After the lunch, i asked him if he is going straight home, cos i am need to get something from the shop. He said yes, and told me to call him for lunch whenever i go to my supplier's place. ( I just found out that my supplier's place is opposite his office ) I said OK, smiled and walked straight to the shop.

After a while only i realized something.. something silly and might be rude...

Do you think that the line " Call me for lunch whenever you go to the supplier's place " is actually a CUE to exchange contact , business card or anything?

How can i be so dumb to get that huh? Gosh, although it's already the new year, but my PR skills still suck... BIG TIME. ;p


  1. well, i don't know if that's a CUE.. but most of the time this kind of sentence is the polite way to end a meet-up session.. like you throw the ball for future meet-up to coincidence lor, you don't really care but it's nice to say that.. you get what i mean?? hahaha!! :D

  2. maybe he wanna woo u lehh?? date you for lunch or something....

  3. The only way to know is to follow up, CLOSELY lor! hehehe

  4. wah..... if you know that's a CUE, you very hebat lo..... I can't tell that's a cue lo. Me sucks big time? >_<

  5. i dun think it's a cue though~

  6. u stil can meet him in ur class mar~ ask for tat next time bah :)

  7. whether its a cue or not... jst go for it :)

  8. It is not a cue la..
    it's only that he wanted to see you again.
    He is actually asking for your contact number.

    Boy, you are lucky!!

  9. go surprise him at his office when u're at ur supplier's place lor. :P

  10. sk .. just like i always told ppl.. ' free free yamcha' issit? LOL ;p

    paul .. woo ur head la.. i dun mind be friend to him.. cos i think he can introduce a lot of contact to me :))

    ant .. how close? like body to body close? i dun do personal session one la ;p

  11. freedom .. i only realized that after a while.. meaning i'm a bit lembab oso la.. dun worry... we add oil together-gether ;)

    ed .. hmm.. dunnno la.. we shall see what will happen this saturday ..:)

    chrisiew .. ya lo.. i see him almost every saturday.. will see how la.. not very good in asking ppl for contact..hehe.. ( bad PR skills... rmb? ;p )

  12. l .. go what? what u think? i just want to get more contact la.. n oso he is a member.. must treat them nicely :)

    emo .. and i always let my luckiness slipped away thru my finger.. just like that kan? LOL

    bong .. can i surprise u next time in the hospital... i think more fun lerr...LOL ;p

  13. 1)得闲喝茶!

    2)友善的饭局 或 交际话


  14. single .. woow.. analyze from all angle huh? so how? which one shld i refer to lah ? ;p lol


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