Saturday, January 23, 2010


It happened few years back, when my mum was still driving our antique car ( bought since 1985 ). It's actually THE car that me and my sisters grew up with.

So the story is, i was out with my mum that day, and she was driving ( cos i dunno how to drive manual car ;p ). FYI, I have not been traveling in that car for ages. Then suddenly she asked :

Mum : 鳴啊,還記得這輛車的‘叮叮‘聲嗎?
( Ah Ming ah, do you still remember the 'ding ding' sound of this car? )

Me : 記得,超過100kmph才會‘叮‘嘛。
( Yup, it will only sound when you drive more than 100kmph. )

Mum : Yeah lo. ( Smiling herself )

Me :做麼?不要跟我講你現在要表演給我看啊?不要三八啊!
( Why? Don't tell me you want to show me the sound now huh? Dun 38 huh! )

Mum : ( Keep on smiling )

Well, i am not surprise if she really plan to drive 100kmph just to bring back the memories. Cos she is kinda unpredicted sometimes. LOL.

BTW, can you drive both manual and auto car? Or you are just like me, only know how to drive auto car?


  1. only auto of course... i think ppl now mostly are driving auto car aldy..
    Btw, my mum also know how to drive manual..
    she've been racing wif her kancil during oldtimes XD

  2. hahahaha i only drive manual car. :P

  3. ei... i forgot to ask , y will hav the "ding ding" sound?

  4. err...i play with manual "stick"..ooppss...

  5. 母子都是那么好玩,cute , cute ,cute.

  6. LOL, your mum also that cute one ah? :P

    I drive both :)

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  8. your mummy so cute.
    i can drive both. 嘿嘿~~, malu dah ?! :P

  9. 你妈果然是烈女,会开manual车。。。

  10. eunice .. ur mum oso still very adventurous huh? ;p .. ding ding? when it exceed 100kmph lo :)

    bong .. show off la tuu ;p y make it so complicated when u can have the easier way ;p ( my defense )

    paul .. ooi. behave lah sikit.. but.. are you good at operating them? ;p

  11. single .. yeah.. m glad that she is SO energetic that i hardly see her when i go back to my parents' place, cos she is always busy with her activities ..;p

    freedom .. so u r a 'bi' la? ;p cute? like mother like son lo...LOL ;p

    sleepypig .. apa malu malu? saya memang tak pernah erti malu ;p

  12. wayne .. haha.. correcting ur comment huh? i saw the earlier one ;p btw, what abt me? ;p

  13. wahhahah... its really bring my our old day memories!! I like the "ding ding" sound too..

    Ey, you thought your mum wont drive up to 100km/h? She always drives 130km/h to work leh, better than me :P

  14. your story can be the script for CNY Petronas' ad leh! Very warm!!

    auntie yaz

  15. jenice .. OMITOFU ... no wonder she can always go out late.. cos arrive on time , kan?

    yaz .. ya worr.. warm with a bit of humour... but too late la.. bet they already have the tvc ready liao...;p lol

  16. The is a heart warming post! Especially the dialogue with your mum and the picture. Makes me miss my mummy.

  17. A lovely moment between you and your mum. Come on aunty, show it next time!!
    Yes yes, I can drive both auto and manual.

  18. dovey .. wow.. i din know that what sounds funny to me can be so warm to others.. and i'm glad that i shared it with others :))

    ky .. lu sampat ahh? encourage old ppl to speed on teh road ;p..


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