Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was at BV2 yesterday for a meeting. While waiting for the client, i walked around doing some survey. Then i saw this group ( 5 person ) of " young execs " passing by. And two of them were wearing some 'voguely designed' sunglasses ... IN THE MALL.

I always wonder .. WHY they do that? To me it looks a bit funny and terencat. And while i was asking myself those questions in my mind, one of them 'ter' kicked the power point on the floor ( maybe he didn't see it cos he was wearing the sunglasses ;p ) and almost PK. I just stood and looked at him. And immediately those 3 words appeared in my mind ...

The moral of the story is :
You don't need to wear those things in order to make yourself VOGUE(r). Just look at me, tak pakai apa-apa branded stuff pun...tapi still maintain VOGUE.;p
( i can see people are queueing up to slap me oledi. LOL ;p )

( This was the exact reaction in my heart when i saw the incident ;p )

By the way, are you one of those who wear sunglasses whenever and wherever you go?


  1. Can you believe it? I don't have sunglasses. And yes, I don't think wearing sunglasses indoor is a good idea, unless something is wrong with your eyes.

  2. they've got red eye kut....

    but yalah, i'd have laughed out loud already. :P

  3. wah~~ almost PK ah? LOL. :P Wearing sunglasses indoor is real stupid. "dai kui sei!"

    And yes, I wanna slap you! VOGUE ah la~

  4. q up.....
    i'm waiting..

    ya..sometime those ppl wearing sunglass in the mall..
    for me..
    like blind..

    i dinT mean anything..


  5. haha, this is call 犯賤/自作孽 lor, i would have laugh out loud on the spot.. sunglasses is for you to use under the sun, not fluorescent light unless you have eye sickenss.. :p

  6. i will not slap u coz i think u r vogue :) i agree with u on those glasses... i simply cant tahan it~

  7. 扮有型? 抵他仆街!

  8. i once tried to see what's the feeling wearing sun glasses indoor, my eye damn tired! sun glasses should protect our eye instead of harm them. those who pk coz wear sun glasses in indoor..dai lei sei!

    p/s vogue is from within, no need to depend on exterior material. correct Danny?

  9. still maintain vogue? *pengsan, bangun, pengsan lagi!* lolz

    wot to do, some people like to make a fool of themselves. Another good example are people who love to ollow western trends and wear double layer shirts or knitwear under the hot sun.

  10. i never wear sun glasses, i'm not that suitable... Haha!
    by the way, i agree! you're vogue~

  11. Seemed to me like a nother victim of 'vogue'.

    And Danny, I agree you would looked 'vogue' when you're (Tak pakai apa-apa pun..)naked... but pls be IN YOUR ROOM!! :)

    I dont mind to be there gazing..:p

  12. i pun tarak sunglasses, and don't plan on getting any neither, lulz.

    i guess some people just wanna showoff lar for whatever reason they have :P

    these kinda people really dai sei lor... xD wahaha

  13. legolas .. i think there's some people who felt insecure when they wear sunglasses, cos the vision is slightly darker..:)

    bong .. cannot laugh so loud la.. they got 5 person.. me one onli ( fyi, i'm a chicken ;p )

    freedom .. u sure u want to slap me? n do u know the consequences ? hehehe ( black mailing....;p )

  14. bighead .. mayb next tie u purposely go n hold their hand and 'help' them walk in the mall la.. since they looked so ' buta'

    sk .. i think they are the so called FASHION VICTIM la.. pakai benda tak kena tempat... not like me.. pakai apa apa pun kena di tempat dan ( wow.. more people joining the queue...;p )

    l .. wow.. reverse psychology huh? now u made me think that i am less vogue oledi...:(

  15. single .. almost onli la.. but enuff to cheer up my day...LOL ;p

    paul .. onli vogue ppl understand another vogue people.. i'm so glad that we understand each other ...;p

    anton .. i saw people wearing leather jacket lagi.. under the hot sun.. i almost bought a fan for him.. cos i see oso feel hot oledi..;p

  16. kokhua .. maybe u hv not found the right design yet.. or mayb ur eyes are too pretty to be covered ;)

    emo .. eleh.. i tak pakai i punye pasal la.. as long as got ppl appreciate...LOL.. ;p

    grey .. show off? yeah rite... showing teh correct way to fall down , kan? hehhee ;p


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