Thursday, January 7, 2010


A scene from Ugly Betty ( Season 4 ). Amanda just help Marc solved his problem...

Marc : ( ecstatic ) O-M-G, Mandy. You are BRILLIANT !!!

Amanda : ( shocked and angry ) You take that back! I am BEAUTIFUL !!!

I can't help but burst out laughing, cos it's so dumb. And i hate to admit that... that is sooooo ME. ;p I know i am a shallow person, cos i always think that outlook is somehow slightly more important than the content. ( That's why i always end up buying some pretty but useless stuffs..LOL )

But if given a choice, you rather choose to be labeled as 'DUMB' or 'UGLY' ?
( Must choose one )

( 一定要選一樣!)


  1. arrrggghhh~ so hard... but i will choose beautiful... coz i'm as shallow as u :P

  2. between dumb and ugly, i'll choose dumb.. between beautiful and brilliant, i'll choose brilliant woh..

  3. i want gorgeous and fabulous...can?

  4. i choose to be dumb. but gotta be pretty lor. hahahaha.

    otherwise i also chose to be briliant. :P

  5. SK so 狡猾!!
    haha, i will choose Dumb...!! =P

  6. i can take "Dumb" in stead of "Ugly" ler... the word Ugly very mean er...

  7. me either will chose DUMB...
    Ugly kinda 人身攻击...

  8. Dun mind being dumb...but certainly not blonde! :P

  9. ugly of course!

    i've been called that countless times!

  10. l .. welcome to the shallow land ;p

    sk .. who gave u permission to choose so many things huh? can follow instructions or not? ;p

    paul .. u oso another one.. can respect the question a bit or not? ;pLOL

  11. bong .. hmm.. is it my question not clear enuff huh? cos everyone is talking out of the line...;p

    keo .. cos u oledi got the look rite? good for u la.. jealous nyerr ;p

    sherry .. ya wor. especially to those not so beautiful ppl like us.. it meant a lot..kan? ;p

  12. kokhua .. meaning u oso quite sensitive when ppl comment on ur outlook huh? welcome to the real world :P lol

    ant .. err.. very deep ehh.. dun really understand la.. cos i am shallow ;p

    ed .. err no comment.. cos haven't really met u yet.. so can't say anything on that :)

  13. haha, i'm already not confident to my outlook, just dun want ppl 火上加油...haha!!

  14. at least u r young.. thats oledi a very BIG advantage.. as compared to most of us here :( LOL

  15. Say me DUMB...but not UGLY ok!!! NEVER say UGLY to me!!!! hehe

  16. ky .. cool down cool down.. siapalah orang buta that say u UGLY huh? let me go and cucuk mata nyer.. kasi betul betul ;p


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