Saturday, January 9, 2010

shake it ..

Went to the gym earlier today to workout and bump into another instructor. Let me just describe him to you guys :

He teaches BodyPump & BodyCombat .. and i only i teach Dance.
He is very muscular and well built .. and i'm NOT.
He starts a conversation with : " Yo bro ... " .. and i start with " Ooi bitch ... ".

So you know how different we are. The funny thing is, when he saw me, he came to me and wanna shake my hand. But you know lah, people like him got their own way of shaking hands.. then twist la.. fist bump la.. ( those very black guy's way ). I only know finger snap (;p). So when he shook my hand, i dunno what to do. Just gave him my hand, look at him and let him do whatever with my right hand. FYI, i felt like total idiot. Why can't they just say hello and smile. ;p

Do you have anybody around you that act that way? The very street / hip hoppy way?
Or better yet, do you know how to do those hand-shake?


  1. Heard my 1st CNY song today. Danny, I'll give u a "gung hei gung hei" greeting the next time we meet hokay?

  2. now only heard cny song ahh? i've been singing that b4 xmas lorr...LOL ;p after the greeting can follow up with an angpow or not? ;p

  3. people or friend wont do that kinda of thing...coz i got aura that sending message "do that to me and you die in a way beyond your imagination" know what I mean...hehe...I got the aura that normally other people think i'm not approachable...i thought we share the same aura...hahhehehe...what happen to you? have you lost them?

  4. I don care whether CNY song or not ... the most important is show me the nice food during CNY and of coz can get Angpow... NOT MARRIED :p

    there's lotz of step to say "Yo bro" you have to bend the body... raise your hand .. hmm like a dance :p

  5. hahahaha. funny one.

    u cubit their nipple la next time. :P

  6. Usually would just wave my hand. Cut down hand contact. H1N1 is roaming.

  7. oh... really pity you lor...
    why not you show him hows the gaga way ;p

  8. paul .. i tot want to be friendlier this year ma.. so i put on my friendly mask lorr.. ;p

    tz .. remind me to do that to you when we meet up next time... must choreograph something nice for ;p

    bong .. takkan nak cubit cubit in the public.. but no la.. not worth ;p

  9. legolas .. thats exactly what i do.. wave n smile.. no need touch touch la.. so mafan onli ;p

    tagnan . no la.. gaga is oledi history for me.. now just back to the ( not so ) real me..;p

  10. no wo... coz all my frends are normal~

  11. This kind of shake hand style so Man geh?? Not match our style lor. :p
    Hmm... I still prefer kiss the chin lor. haha..

  12. l .. well.. i dun think that they are abnormal for doing that la.. just not my style ;p

    chris .. eww... i super not comfortable with ' kiss the chin' way of saying hello.. cos my face is always too OILY to be kissed ;p

  13. Abang, new photo looks very cantik and vogue le.
    Lama takde jumpa ya...
    Oh, I have some coll from US who likes to to the same too. And I did the same as you, as I dunno how to do those hand shaking too; so takde vogue la, not our style.

  14. ky .. meaning u oso let them molest ur hand issit? kesian kan? putih putih see them do it to our hand in from of us...;P


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