Monday, January 25, 2010


Remember the story about me falling sick almost every time i completed a major set up? Well, it arrived on the dot.

I was feeling very exhausted and weak for the whole day. No mood to do anything, except lying there on my couch and watched DVDs. Maybe it's a hint that i am going to fall sick... real soon. :(

Good news is, i don't have any major VM job to be done at the moment. Bad news, i still have to teach classes almost everyday. I've drank lots of water, and tried to get more rest. Hopefully it won't affect my daily work.
( Hmm.. sadly, this time the medicine from shopping malls also can't make me feel better. )

Do you have a ' falling sick season'?
Cos one of my friend MUST fall sick every time before CNY. Maybe that's her way to welcoming the new year. LOL ;p


  1. aiyo, take care oh. Thought wanna find u for dinner during the weekend. Luckily I didn't :P

  2. Take Vit C everyday. It will helps.
    I seldom fall sick, but always having gastric, stomach bloating with gas, dizzy, headache..

  3. guess you must have many restless days over the past months.. take this chance to get a good rest lah, and hope that you'll get well soon..

    btw, the paws-perity cats in 1U are very nice lor, any idea who did that??

  4. 你是透支了, 是时候停下来休息了, DANNY 仔

  5. Just ke drink water...
    I also just recover my sick...

  6. ya....feeling sick of everyday have to fulfill long working hours. How i wish can strike big lottery n can retire early :)

  7. thought you already cured from your shopping theraphy?? Ho D mei?

    auntie yaz

  8. Remember to take good k of urself ya.. rest well and eat well. I know u 财多身子弱. :p

  9. freedom .. mayb we can makan next week la.. cos this week kinda full liao.. classes and pre cny dinner :))

    karen .. bloating with gas? very paiseh one le.. meaning u feel like farting all the time? what if i suddenly hv to fart in the class? ;p

    sk .. cannot la.. today already start prepare the post cny display liao.. i oso like the 1 u cat.. but got auntie asked : why cat? why not tiger geh?... very hard to please everyone kan? :)) btw, dunno who is the vm lo..

  10. single .. not yet.. now is still the peak season.. must earn more money to 'tear' during the slow season..hehe ;p

    kokhua .. aiyo.. u oso take care la.. no wonder u hardly update lately :)

    ck .. striking lottery is nvr in my dream.. cos i'm dun hv the luck one.. but u can dream la.. dream big big ya ;p

  11. yaz .. mm hou dou yiu hou la.. everyday still got classes.. today just confirm another additional class :)) we makan at my hse during cny la :)

    ck .. money not in yet la.. but oledi spent..:( but better than no job n sick la :)

  12. bong .. oledi up n on the run.. again :) tq

  13. My sick season very frequent 1, flu almost every morning..hehe.
    Big sick, seasonless lo for me. It just come whenever it want to.

  14. ky .. every morning huh? now i know when is the best time to attack u ;p


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