Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nanny GAGA

She is 59 years old, and She is 60+ ( with a few grandchildren ).
She is open minded, and She is very sporting.
She is a first timer, and She is a regular.
She ask about the details after class, and She hit the ab-crunch machine right after the class.

They are both my most ' experienced ' member, and they are both did Lady Gaga's BAD ROMANCE .. in my class.
I am very touched and happy to see people in their age who still have such energy and open to try anything new. FYI, they crawled like cat on the floor together with the rest of the members, so sexy okay? ;p

BTW, i did sampled some original Gaga moves ( the claw, like above pics ) in the dance. After the class, a few of the che-che came to me and asked why i did the claw thing. Is it in conjunction with the YEAR OF TIGER? ( pengsan ) But, they are so CUTE, kan? ;p

Are you going to do anything on yourself in conjunction with CNY? Get new hairstyle ke? change your clothing style ke? get a botox ke? get a new 'face' ke? ;p


  1. i need a liposuction!!!!!!!!!!! and hair treatment maybe.

    Ga ga woo la la~

  2. abang, are you teaching in Celebrity Fitness now, i mean specifically those former California clubs?? what timeslots?? see if i can go and crawl together with you~~ if a 59-year-old can do that, i cannot jaap shwee also :p

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  4. if you teaching in Celebrity, i want to join the the crawl dance ha ha.....

  5. 哈哈……the che-che....u sure Three lines down and sweat that time...lolz
    wow...bad romance in leh...

  6. plan to do colour the hair...waiting my bonus first....

  7. will get myself a tiger stripes hairdo! wuakaka!~

  8. me got new hair new clothes dy. dun think need anything particularly for the cny lah. :P weeee

    but but... crawling on the floor like a cat.... @.@ tell me when ur class is less, erm, mobile? hahahhahaha

  9. Getting a new box of condoms, since the present one is unused and expired liao! Hey, I practise safe sex hokay! :P

  10. alan .. rama ra mama .. if the lipo is effective.. let me know ya.. i pun kena suck sikit.;p

    sk .. abang .. i got permanent class at Celeb Wangsa Walk ( so near horr? )... every saturday afternoon.. came crawl together la :))

    tagnan .. dun want say u lah... always say say no action one..we'll see lah ;p

  11. keo .. i'm so glad that those che-che are open to try anything new.. if not.. sure i bored till die one :))

    stacey .. so goood... got bonus.. so many years i got no bonus liao :(

    small .. wow.. r u gng to do a matching manicure of tiger claws? lol ;))

  12. bong .. got all liao? so efficient ahh? gd la.. at least no need to think liao :)

    ant .. i guess ur tiger year resolution is to at least open the box? ;p

  13. maybe u can roar with the jie jie, in conjunction with TIGER YEAR.

    wangsa is so near to my workplace, i ll c u if i m returning to work on sat, what a sad case.

  14. wayne .. oo.. if u come.. i'll do a special dance in conjunction with your special appearance..:))
    lets roar together la.. ;p

  15. I thought the claw is to scratch those annoying ppl in conjunction with Tiger year?

  16. ck .. lu pun sama.. pls la.. the claw very vogue one okay? how dare u put them together with CNY ? ;p LOL


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