Friday, January 29, 2010



凡看到人就問 :‘食飽未?‘ (不官什麼是間,都無是無刻的怕人家“吃不飽“。)
Shopping時看到人就問 :‘行街啊?‘ ( Abothen?微服出巡啊?)
但我最beh tahan的就是明明已經從外回來了,還要問 :‘返哩啦?‘(我有時腦筋short到時就答 ~ 無啦,回魂唶!)

是他們明知故問,還是每樣東西都要double confirm?

還是你最beh tahan人家問你什麼?

Whenever you ask someone " How do you do? " ... are you really interested to know? or it's just another way to PR? :)


  1. hahaha... maybe the person just wanna to know how do you do?

    So, dude, long time din heard from you... how'z life?

  2. yalor yalor.

    blogging ah?

  3. well, coz cannot find something else to say lo. But that's social lines la. I seldom say that. Very insincere indeed.....

    Macam, "you eat liao la?", then I reply, "not yet.", then you??? Will invite me go eat? or just, "oh"?

    I have to agree with you. :P

  4. 你终於做回华人, 写华文, 呵呵.
    和你有同感, 讨厌无聊的问题.
    明明在戏院, 看戏啊?

  5. i'm sooooo agree with this... but anyway, ppl jst trying to be polite... tats all~

  6. tz .. i was quite busy for the past few weeks ma.. setting up the CNY and Valentine's windows.. i'm quiet meh? cos i oso never noisy what ;p

    bong .. no la.. where got blogging.. just playing with my laptop.. u lerr? commenting ahh?

    freedom .. i always like to 'end' the conversation by not asking back the same question.. if u r creative enuff.. keep on asking la.. ;p

  7. single .. aiya .. i'm still the same ( wether blogging in chinese or english maa) so i dun hv to translate to my frens who can't read chinese..:))

    l .. then we can see who is taking more effort for being polite lo.. by asking more interesting questions :))

  8. next time when we meet up, i'm gonna ask you "have u fuck? hehehehe....

  9. I didn't really ask back "then you? Belum makan ah?" I mean, will you invite me go lunch if I said I not yet makan. NO one lo. LOL.

  10. erm.. i would say it's depends on who i meet la..
    basically the pitch i use will tell u..
    higher pitch is PR 1 la..
    example :" HEYY !! Dim ar 最近?" *plus a big fake smile :D *

    lower pitch will be the sincere 1..
    example :" wooii, dim ar? "


  11. Sincere or just PR, it's still a positive greeting. :)

  12. 有时后是一个切入点吧。
    或者就好像你说的: “返哩啦”这些其实是很废的,不问也可以,但如果每个人都那么“安静”,感觉就显得大家很冷漠,自顾自己。

  13. paul .. i'll reply.. 'what do u care? ;p ' the ROLL my eyes big big at you ;p lol

    freedom .. thats y la.. no point asking if we dun really keen to know rite? :))

    eunice .. me too me too.. the fake ones always got higher

  14. ant .. i guess so la.. but i normally dun do that la.. cos its not sincere .. at least for me :)

    sleepypig .. i prefer just a warm smile than asking things questions that are so obvious..:))

  15. i dont like when msn,

    "not going out ah?"
    (if i am out, u wont see me on9 loh. -多余)

    "not going out today?"
    (was asked by my schoolmate almost every weekend when she saw me msn. i am like : r u checking me??)


  16. shin .. u shld just reply.. u r the twins sister , helping the real u online..;p


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