Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading a MOVIE ?

I have a ( not sure if it's a bad ) habit. Whenever i watch movie, my eyes will automatically focus on the subtitles ( Not only English movies, Chinese movies as well ok? ;p ).

Dunno why .. but i think i can understand the movie better if i watch with the subtitles. You knowlah, my England sometimes quite powderful one. So it's better for me to refer to the subtitles, just in case i ter'get' other story ( got the wrong meaning of the lines, cos sometimes i really can't catch what they said, esp. English la ;p ) But it's another way of entertainment for me, cos sometimes you'll get some very funny words at the subtitles ( esp. English to Malay ~ tennis court = 'mahkamah' tenis LOL).

But sometimes i missed some very interesting details, cos too focus on the subtitles instead of the visual.:(
I guess next time i should write ' read movies' instead of ' watch movies' as hobby huh? ;p

Do you have the same habit?


  1. hey... exactly... y harh?
    it's too automatic to focus on the subtitle.
    actually sometime is ok without subtitle, but with subtitle i feel more 安全感.. haha..

  2. me also, why ah? :p My England also over standard one LOL.

  3. hahahaha~
    sometimes i also like that, my habit is weird, i must have english subtitle and chinese subtitle, if just have chinese or english, i will become "read movie "...

  4. hahahahaha
    sometimes i would drift to the words too. but sometimes i forced myself not to read them. heheheheheh

  5. I actually improved English from reading subtitle. I also read movies.

  6. i think subtitles could be a distract.. sometimes i'll go to the subtitles (even chinese movies) and stay there for a while, but most of the time i would prefer to not read the subtitle and concentrate watching and listening to the scripts, this would indeed help you to get into the movie more easily.. unless no choice is some foreign language i don't understand, then subtitle is a must lah..

  7. not only movie i guess.. even with tv shows or drama i will have my eyes on the subtitle... :)

  8. i think 95% wiil do the same as u.

  9. I suppose we juz have to learn to focus on doin more things at the same time. :) My eyes also wander around in the dark of the cinema, cruising for nice looking people. *winks* hehe

  10. eunice .. i guess both of us are feeling insecure when watching movies huh? :))

    freedom .. i know ur England got standard.. that y u read subtitles.. PROOF READ actually ;p

    kokhua .. haha.. u r weirder... luckily i am not as fussy as u.. if not sure super busy one.. habis england kena pergi tengok china pulak..LOL ;p

  11. bong .. but can u really focus on the story when u r TRYING not to read the subtitles?

    nana .. me too me too.. but i guess the most helpful thing for me is read lyrics..:))

    sk .. i cannot la.. no subtitle no fun... maybe i am just want to reconfirm if i get the words right :))

  12. sherry . ya lo.. as long as there's subtitles.. my eyes will automatically go there.. pekcek lah

    single .. guess that i am not that weird at all, kan? :))

    ant .. lu memang tak senonoh.. if i am u, i'll end up watching movie.. dah lah sibuk baca subtitle.. now kena scan orang lagi... ;p

  13. darren .. poor thing kan? cannot really enjoy the visual 100%.. esp if the subtitles are few second delay one..grrrrr.;p

    mr teh ..including u? or u'll have karen read them to u while u focus on the visual? ;p


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