Saturday, January 16, 2010

She is BACK !!!

Yes, The Queen of Negative Energy ( in my class ) is back!

I have not seen her for quite some time ( thank God ) and suddenly she came to my class. I thought she looked so familiar but can't recall what's so special about her. But when we finished the class and she started to complain... OH ! then only i remembered. She was the one who spread the rumours to other members about how boring is my class, and always try to p???? other members that other classes are better. So that they will go to the other class instead of joining mine. ( Do you think she is paid by other instructor to do that? LOL ;p )

I did asked a few of my regulars on my class and on her. Then only i learnt that she did that in almost every classes she attended. SAMPAT kan? So free nothing to do... i think she is the original "DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE" .. hunger for attention.;p

I don't mean to be rude but once a while, i would like to slap her and ask her to shut up ...LOL ;p
So, what should i do huh?

( Maybe i should choreograph a dance move where you have to slap other people.. and i ask her to be my demo model... hahahahaha ... cool kan? i'm such a genius*...;p )

* i can see the queue waiting to slap me, AGAIN...


  1. hahahahaha
    yeah u do that, and let me know when ure gonna teach that class. :P i'll make sure i make a presence too. heeeehehehehe.

  2. that is call 死剩把口的八婆。

  3. If she complains your class is boring, but she still comes to your class, that mean your class is indeed interesting, rite?

  4. It's time to treat her lunch.. or give her a kiss to shut her up.. :P

    Good luck!

  5. i think she love you to slap on her face...
    "slap me slap me pls...."

  6. yeah, maybe she is into SM. The more she complain, the possibility of you slapping her is bigger.
    Actually is a trap to make you slap her.

  7. juz make her fail her paper~ omg i am so cruel. :p

  8. Why don't you organize a belly dancing class, then point at her cellulites and laugh out loud! hehe

  9. Then you should snap her bitchy pic then post here... Haha!!!

  10. you should ask her out for a dinner perhaps...=P

  11. wow, looks like she has got an even BIGGER mouth!! you've got a big opponent now, hahahaha~~ :p

  12. bong .. remember to bring ur own chair.. popcorn n drinks as well worr.;p

    single .. sometimes i pity her oso la.. cos she have to do that to get attention.. kesian kan? LOL

    mr teh .. thats what we call self-slapping lorr.. maybe i shld ask her to choose.. either i slap or she slap herself...hehehe

  13. emo .. i onli be good to those who are good to me.. her? boleh main jauh-jauh...;p

    tagnan .. why la u tell the whole world about ur fetish.. later people cannot resist.. everytime see u must

    nana .. dun worry.. i am onli angry inside.. but i won;t do anything to her.. let her self live self die..hahahaah 自生自滅 .. btw, welcome to my blog :)

  14. darren .. what paper? the most i can do is keep on picking at her moves... or laugh at her when her moves are

    ant .. no la..why i want to risk myself doing that? sekali she is very god in belly dancing.. me die la ;p

    lesly .. cannot la.. cos i know some of my che-che from gym come to visit my blog once a while one :))

  15. keo .. maybe i shld let her have u instead.. cos u r young n juicy.. can satisfy her..i guess;p

    sk .. but at least i got big mouth on a VOGUE face.. she ler? toot face got la ;p LOL


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