Thursday, June 10, 2010

The battle is ON !

If you are free, or happened to be wandering around Bukit Bintang area this Saturday, please come and support us.

There will be a dance battle between the 2 Fly Fm's DJs ~ Prem & Jules at Sg Wang at about 3pm. And guess what? I will be dancing for team Jules !

This is not a real 'dance battle' but just a challenge for the DJs with the listeners ( who will be dancing for their team ). I am suppose to choreograph the steps for them. But still dunno what is the level of our team members. So i thought maybe i should just do something fun, something entertaining, and something .. me ( Vogue-lah, as usual )

The rehearsal is tomorrow night, and the battle is on the next day. Hopefully everything will be ok.
So, wish us luck. Better yet, come and support us !! :)

It's been quite a while since i dance / perform in public. A bit takut oso la.. later all the young ones laugh at me..
" what is that OA doing up the stage? "


  1. too bad i'll go back hometown this weekend,otherwise i will go support u,hahah...take video and share to me.

  2. hahaha, that is exactly what i have in mind "itu pakcik buat apa atas sana??"~~

    ok ok, so 3pm saturday.. if i am able to squeeze into the crowd, and those youngsters give way to this uncle, i go support you~~

  3. 那么远,如何支持你?

  4. coming! if i manage to come back frm klang in time. :P

  5. too bad i got a class to teach in giza.. then send my car to workshop.. :(

  6. support from the far far away! :p

    anyway, will there be prizes for winning team?

  7. oooo~ do some nasty move then :)

  8. You'll do fine! Be fab! Cause a riot!

  9. Bukit Bintang is so happening. I wish I had a chance to witness this

  10. sandra .. no one help me to record wor... how? ;p

    sk .. dun worry.. i'm sure they will make way for u one.. cos they know how to respect the ;p

    single .. by saying good luck will do :)

  11. bong .. make sure u show ur face ahh.. if u r coming la.. long time din see liao :)

    eric .. nvm la.. enjoy ur class then :))

    anthony .. prizes? dunno wo.. its just for fun la.. but if got prizes oso not bad horrr? ;p

  12. l .. cannot la... later kena summon from DBKL lah, JAWI lah... ;p

    william .. wow.. riot? u really over estimated me horr? riot of ppl wanna slap me got lah ;p

    bengbeng .. i'm sure they will b ppl record it n post to youtube one.. since its a radio station thing...:)

  13. Eh you kulit tebal one, why takut? I am proud to know you....!

  14. twilight .. takut cos too long tak buat liao ma... lo ;p


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