Sunday, June 20, 2010


There's this new guy in my class. From his look, his movement and the way he dress... i think i can sense something la..

So we were doing some Greek/belly dance moves yesterday. To help the members to get into the mood more, i asked them to feel sexy about themselves, and give me the attitude. Then i over heard this guy talking to his friend :

Guy : Eh, kita kan lelaki. Mana tahu nak buat seksi seksi, kan?

I thought maybe i was 'wrong', or he is really discreet. Mana tahu, the moment i play the song .... you should check out his facial expression !!! Over the top... kaw-kaw !!! ( 那個死騷樣!!!! )

I can't really concentrate during the class, cos busy checking and laughing ( in my heart ) at that DIVA. Well, i guess .. girls just wanna have fun, rite? ;p

p/s : i've posted the song that we danced to. don't you feel sexy by just listening to it?


  1. very sexy indeet. hahahah. :P

  2. aaaoouuuuwww..

    sexy sexy... ><

  3. danny,

    I guess that is coverina la tu. Next time when he is in your class again, make the same move.....and see the "DIVA" comes out again or not.......

    nasrul @nick.

  4. hahahaha!! OMG, though didn't know how that guy looks like, but if that photo you posted is something close to him, then i can imagine already.. oh my, that expression and his outfit must be heaven!! :D

  5. 有些骚。。。是不能自禁的。。。。哈哈哈哈

  6. bong .. sexy horr? my shoulder cant stop shaking when i first listen to ;p

    jgirl .. it is :)

    bighead .. now.. the 'aaauuuwwww' is a bit over la.. but as long as u happy.. who cares kan? ;p

  7. eric .. do u just laugh when ppl ask u to act sexy? ;p

    single .. u oso one.. just laugh?

    nick .. ' coverina' .. i like this name so much.. must start using it to label ppl ;p

  8. sk .. no la.. he din wear so 'sweet' la.. but to see his expression is just ... priceless...;p

    ed .. thats y lo.. if he din say anything to his fren.. i wont notice him ;p

  9. You should snap his photo and show us.
    Lelaki tak tau buat seksi, tapi JANTAN tau!!

  10. ky .. no la.. we bitch about ppl enuff la.. no need to show the face ;p
    ( dun u know the rules of BITCHING 101 )? ;p


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