Thursday, June 17, 2010

No come, no come ...

... one come , one two three four come

I'm just sharing, not complaining. But i wished that jobs will come in one by one, not together ... and almost everything URGENT!!!

I know i should be grateful that i still have some jobs to work on. Especially with the current market, which is super SLOW.

OK, i'm done 'sharing'. Gotta go back to work now.:p

You guys enjoy the rest of the weeks. :))


  1. 量力而为,别贪心。

  2. Cepat2 habis kerja, cepat2 goyang kaki.

  3. wah... complain you're gonna be rich this month? hahahhaa

    eh, sushi ah! :P

  4. but i thot it's like that for your industry?? when festives or holidays come, all merchants will want to do that all at (almost) the same time geh??

  5. 同是天涯沦落人。。。

  6. Danny,

    Thats good what, like me, sometime kena cari work lei....... but sometime work come in like no body business...pengsan ngo......

    btw, u kalau kerja banyak pun, u still maintain vogue kan.... : )
    am i rite guys.....?

  7. 加油咯!
    充实怎么也比空虚好~~~ o(∩_∩)o ~~~

  8. Wahhhh! You need a helper! I am here!

  9. tagnan .. where got? ;(

    single .. not greddy la.. cos all oso my regular client.. cannot say no la

    william .. no such thing as cepat lo.. cos dunno when they will ask me to something URGENT again...

  10. eric .. i know u r super excited with the launch .. so how was it?

    ian .. my job got no MOnday or Friday one la.. everyday is a workday ;p

    bong .. i nvr say good payment ! thats the pekcek part la.. cos most of them are like doing favor for them :P

  11. sk .. i know thats common la.. but the uncommon part os most of them dun hv high profit.. like doing a bit of charity ;p

    ed .. yaka? u in which line harr?

    nasrul .. vogiu tu mesti lah.. tapi kalau less stress lagi baik lo

  12. choocolate .. i agree la.. cos i really hate doing nothing the whole day ;(

    twilight .. i cant even afford to hire myself.. ;p

    orson .. think so ;)


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