Tuesday, June 29, 2010

special delivery

Say you are working ( as a team ) with another person. And apparently this person is not very satisfied with your performance. So instead of telling you directly, she went to another tell another person. And asked that another person to tell you her feeling.

To me, i think it's still acceptable. Cos maybe she is shy to tell me directly. But what i DON'T like is ... the person who delivered her message. Of all people, she went to tell my RIVAL !!! ( both of us has been competitor since day one, and she knew it ! ).

Do you think it's too much if i curse her ( the so called teammate ) for one whole day?



  1. i would say the middle person's role is hard to play
    but i still prefer that the person tell me face 2 face what's his comment/ complains rather using middle person coz messages can be delivered wrongly

  2. 你遇到怪兽,因为她的脑生草。

  3. She should have the guts to tell you to your face. Cause even after someone else passes you the message, she still has to face you!

  4. she should have tell you her feelings directly, afterall she is the one working with you.. we would never know how accurate the message to be conveyed through a third party..

  5. 或者她就是特地要找那个人转达讯息叻,或者这是她的激将法?又或者她觉得这个人转达讯息才够踩低你叻。。。无论如何,我们不能管他人长出什么样的脑袋,只好让自己保持愉快就好咯。。。

  6. well,

    Gurls always like that..... they hardly say str8 to face one. They tell to others and expect we know from them. I dont like that actually cause it seems spread the news or gossip even wider.

    probably just ignore her or tell her str8 that you dont like what she did to you.

  7. so complicated, lack of communication.
    Once I told my colleague (guy), that it is hard to work with him. Lucky he take it fine, and ask me the reason i said that. But not all are like him.

  8. It's ok to be shy, but telling a rival knowing that it's not a positive to do, then i guess she has got not very nice intentions at all.

    Then again, nothing surprises me these days so I would stay positive and brush the incident off as another lesson on the impermanence of friendship, especially those not-so-solid ones. We'll all do better without them. ;) (of course u remembered what happened to my case right? ;))

    Chill ya!

  9. anthony .. thats another thing .. cos i dunno wether the middle person got add salt n vinegar or not...

    single .. no wonder her boobs so big la.. big boobs no brain...lol ;p

    william .. now i dun really interact with her anymore.. if she wants something, then she'll have to come to me la ;p

  10. sk .. sometimes makcik are like that one.. dun want to tell u directly.. n go n tell the whole world after that ;p

    ed .. thats y now i do it my way.. if she doesn;t like, she'll have to tell me lo

    nasrul .. i dun hv problem with the project.. if she have problem.. she have to tell me.. thats all ;p

  11. nana .. good for u.. i wont do anything for now.. till she come to me ;p

    ant .. sometimes really dunno what she were thinking... what she did, in malay we call BODOH lah...lol 'p

  12. You are being too kind lo.
    If me, curse for whole week!!

  13. ky .. me kind? i curse for one whole day every week wor.. lol ;p


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