Thursday, June 10, 2010


How do you keep / organize the money ( bills ) in your wallet?
According to the value and direction?
Or just put it in like that?

I once saw a friend's wallet where his money was tunggang-langgang. SO i asked him :

Me : Aiyo, can organize your money or not? So many upside down one, very messy la.

Him : No need la. You scared Agong ( printed on the bill ) will feel dizzy if it;s upside down issit? ;p

Me : ...

Do you organize your money in your wallet?
I do .. cos it's more presentable and easier to take money ma..:)

p/s : something wrong with the internet these few days ... very pekchek :(


  1. i do arrange my money according to the amount and direction too... more tidy ma~

  2. I wish i also can do like you two..... the problem is... i dun have money in my wallet to arrange..... cry cry....

  3. er... i don't mind how's the notes kept pun, whether terbalik or not
    as long as i can recognise which colour which for which dollar :p

  4. danny
    sometimes i arrange, sometimes i not.....but lot of it is receipt. end of the month throw....... hehehehehehehe


  5. 對自己要求, 排好又整齊。

  6. i just stuff inside ony. :P not tat i hav a lot of bills pun. LOL

  7. i will arrange my money according amount, i strictly care about it, haha!

  8. i like tat my money r arrange accordance to amount n direction
    but hardly can keep the tidyness la

    cause i always put in the receipts sekali wif the change.. so my wallet always full of receipts n dunno wat paper..

    my guy fren said their wallet even tidy than me woh.. =.=
    tat's y i'm more MAN than them lo.. wahahah=D

  9. i do organise my money... like u said, easier to take money...

    but bills/receipts, just fold and put in...

  10. I arrange my money big to small.. big one outside, small one inside, so the big agong can protect the small agong.

    Then sometimes I fold the money into half and tuck it neatly in one corner - this means I cannot touch this money as it is usually reserved for something else (like owe ppl money, or really need to use cash).

    If got foreign money, they will be in the inside compartment cos agong will always sit outside. My wallet has two note slots one. Dont know why but I feel safer putting foreign currency inside :)

  11. l .. good boy ..:)

    ed .. not only must arrange money... tickets n receipts oso ma :)

    anthony .. thats y u r still young ;p

  12. nasrul .. wah.. u can wait until end of the month ahh? i cannot tahan my wallet got lots of paper one lah

    single .. not only for convenience la.. oso more presentable ma...

    bong .. not many bills.. but lots of credit card ma.. kan? ;p

  13. kokhua .. you are a very very good good;p

    eunice .. i think it matches u la.. cos the way u talk/chat oso quite manly ;p

    shin .. i always know that u r a good tidy girl ;p

    eric .. from ur description.. i think that is not a wallet.. sounds more like a handbag.. so many thing geh? ;p

  14. haha ... funny de lor ..... !
    You scared Agong ( printed on the bill ) will feel dizzy if it;s upside down issit? ;p


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