Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If you know me well ( or not ), you should know that i am not very good with kids. I mean i have no patient and do not have a cute way to communicate with them. And i always threaten that i will slap them if they are naughty or noisy or over active or ignore me or .....

I guess my karma is here. I am going to conduct a dance class for kids this Saturday. The management called and want me to replace the instructor just for 1 week. I have no choice but to take it, cos they just adjusted my rate. Must listen to whatever they want lo....

Still trying to figure out what to do with them. Any ideas?
Wish me luck .....

這個星期六,得空的話,歡迎來收看 :“小孩除妖記“。哈哈。


  1. go there and just tell them: "class, today your instructor is absent, so do your own things until the bell rings".. am sure they will be very happy~~ :p

  2. 我今天来代课,你们自修.

  3. hahahhahah....really bou yeng lorr...really feel sorry for you lorr

  4. No Lady Gaga for the kids!

  5. lolz...
    good luck to you..

  6. 噢…竟可能的叫他们难的动作,那么他们应该会专心的研究吧?复杂的说,小孩子的心理很难被理解……、


  7. 无意中路过
    但很喜欢你的文字 ^^

  8. Treat them like puppies, if they are doing something right, say: "Good boy/good girl! "

    auntie yaz

  9. bring some candy, say if they are good today will get candy.

  10. har? gym got kids class one meh? :P

    LOL @ SK's comment lor. can practice can practice! hahahah

  11. Just be your diva self and have fun. I'm sure it'll be infectious enough to get the kids to like you. ;)

  12. Aiyo, senang la. Bring some candies...who dance the best can get candy. Sap sap sui.
    Or bring a bowl of "gold fish" for them to play, hehe.

  13. Bro, I suddenly thought of our mama replacing one of the class in Sunday school!!!

    Mummy said to those kids:


  14. sk .. why not i 'tell' them that sleeping will make them more CANTIK? .. and 4pm to 5pm is the best time to take afternoon nap? lol ;p

    single .. and after that i oso tapao myself la.. kena complain... ;(

    paul .. that's y la.. still dunno what have i did wrong.. sampai i dapat this type of balasan....;(

  15. william .. hmm.. maybe i shld do Gaga with them.. let them do freestyle dancing.. say got competition ;p

    big head .. tq tq.. really need that :)

    choocolate .. later they think all those moves sapsapsui .. me no face la...;p

  16. muzi .. thanks.. glad u like it.. do drop by more la :)

    yaz .. if i treat them like puppies.. i'll ask then to go roadside.. let them stand/walk for 1 hour.. them kaotim... lol ;p

    nana .. i dun believe in bribery one wor... they suppose to be good.. with or without candy..;p

  17. bong .. got.. every Saturday.. u'll see those kodomo running everywhere in the gym..;(

    ant .. just worried that their mind will suddenly 'grow up' after the class...;p

    ky .. y not bring heels horr.. train them as diva while they are still ;p

    jenice .. seriously she said that? those kodomo can listen meh? ;p

  18. OMG, did you really ever slap kids a? LOL

  19. kokhua .. not really la.. but i will make sure that they know what is in my ;p


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