Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Header, header ...

Not sure if you noticed that i change the header of my blog every month. I know it's not some kind of masterpiece, but just an effort to make the blog more ... ME.

So ...
Header header on my blog,
Which is the VOGUEst of them all?

( See how many of us got the same taste ;p )

P/s : If you think NONE of the above is up to your level, just say it out. Art is very subjective, I dun mind.

( I'll just secretly curse you day and night... lol ;p )


  1. dont like the chinese new year 1

  2. all also vogue lah, but the voguest must be the vogiu issue lor..

  3. Don't curse me.....
    I think the Big Face in June cover is quite ugly..... like having burned before....

  4. i like the march issue. simply n elegance just like me.. ^^

    honestly i dun understand the wordings on feb issue..

    june issue, is better to replace the mask wif sheet mask.. haha..

    btw, i 百毒不侵, dun afraid ur curse.. haha.. (but mayb sneeze a lil bit at nite..) hahah=D

  5. hey danny

    I like the march and april. Unique and very edgy.

    nasrul @ nicq

  6. i like Feb only...

    初時,唔知乜意思, but now i think i know.

    [danny : the big mouth]
    [sexy innocent happy sweet stupid]

    betul tak?

  7. single .. too simple issit?

    william .. u like it simple issit? lol ;p

    paul .. y ler? got lots of meaning one worr..

  8. eric .. cos u want to be on the same cover one day? ;p

    sk .. ya meh? cos June is not my 1st choice lo..

    ed .." Danny : The Big Mouth" is never pretty.. jusy vogue will do lol ;p

  9. eunice .. march is quite meaningful.. cos everything starts with a "D"

    nasrul .. so give face ahh? choose 2..;p

    shin .. seems u r lil bit dif from other shorr?good.. at least u know u r 'special' , not common...lol ;p

  10. Sorry bradder I din follow cos I was away. All look very nice indeed. Can you not waste them by giving to me! ~ RECYCLE ~

  11. twilight .. y u want them worr? its so ME... u shld go for the classic ones...:)

  12. Danny, you're very creative leh..

    I like each & every of your headings, very interesting & creative!

  13. bobby .. ooo.. TQTQ.. so paiseh lah..;p btw, do you blog as well? :)


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)